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  • The American Mime Theatre, is a professional performing company and training school, founded in 1952 by Paul J. Curtis.
  • Le Centre Du Silence, Samuel Avital, Director
  • Don Reider and his wife Valerie Dean formed a mime company, Kauniada.
  • Jest in Time, 4-member performing group
  • Azzizz Theatre, avant garde movement theatre company
  • Bauman Theatre Forums
  • The World of Mime Theatre, maintained by a mime Lorin Eric Salm
  • Marcel Marceau mime site
  • Mimo the Mime, a mime in Jerusalem, Israel
  • Partha Pratim Majumder's official web site, a Bangladeshi mime; Master of Mime.
  • Quazi Huda, a mime Ambassador of Bangladesh; "nu-age" mime
  • Adam G. Gertsacov is a noted actor, director, and clown based in Providence, RI; studied with Daniel Stein.
  • Trent Arteberry, internationally traveled mime artist
  • Burt the Mime, street performer for the last 12 years.
  • Vlado Kulisek, a Slovak mime focusing on psycho-logical mime
  • Mark Jaster, Mime, actor, and fool, Mr. Jaster received his classical mime training from Marcel Marceau and served on Mr. Marceauís faculty for his American mime institute.
  • Carleton the Mime -- a professional mime since 1972. Carleton represented the USA at the First International Pantomime Festival in Shanghai China, being the first American mime to perform in China at special request of the Chinese Bureau of Culture. He has a stage concert called Rock Mime World featuring Carleton the Mime and a five-piece rock band. He has performed in France, Germany, Mexico, China and throughout the United States.
  • Ingrid Irrlicht, a Hungarian-German mime who actually started in London at Desmond's school in the 1970's, and then later studied with old Etienne Decroux. She is a professional mime with her own developed style and is doing shows for children, adults, and special interest spectators in many countries including distant places like South America.
  • Blue Moon Theatre
  • Bili The Mime, BiLi is a mime based in Palto Alto (California). He has steadily honed his craft since he began in the late 1970s, producing his own one-man shows and leading workshops for schools and universities. He uses traditional Marcel Marceau mime techniques to create his own skits. He has performed mime internationally, such as in France, Italy, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the US.
  • Kari Margolis and Tony Brown, their original, ensemble theatre productions combine an emotionally charged physicality with the unusual use of everyday objects, spectacular multimedia imagery, text, song and magic. Both were trained intensively with Etienne Decroux.
  • Mark Wenzel, California's Favorite Entertainer. He is one of the world's premiere street performers.
  • Estudio Busqueda de Pantomima-Teatro A.C.-- Founded in 1972 by Sigfrido Aguilar, Mexican Mime-Clown, Creator and Director, the Studio has since established itself as both a center of contemporary mime/clown in North America and Latin America and an umbrella organization dedicated to the promotion of popular theatre arts throughout Mexico.
  • Pantomime Pablo Zibes, can do mime, robot, living doll...from Germany.
  • Deanna the Mime, can do mime, robot, living doll...from Florida.
  • E.E. Reid Gilbert, who studied with Etienne Decroux, with a PhD in Asian Theatre, is now Associate Professor Emeritus of Ohio State Ubiversity. He recently taught a course, ARCHITECTURE AS EXTENDED MASK, at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. He is currently conducting residencies in MOVEMENT FOR ACTORS and MASKING AND UNMASKING YOUR PARTNER AND YOUR SELF.

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