Stereoscopic drawings- a totally different thing 

Drawing and painting are activities, I really enjoy at times. So the idea, to use it for stereoscopic images, had to emerge some day.

That day came, when I studied a book about the Dutch graphic artist M. C. Escher (1898-1972). He is famous for his drawings of "impossible" constructions (although these are just a fairly small part of his whole work). I wandered, if it would be possible, to make 3D images of these drawings. Since the objects are really impossible in the real world, thist could be interesting !

To make stereoscopic drawings and paintings poses quite different problems than taking pictures with a camera. Even when you use a single lens camera, you don't really need to know more than how to get an adequate spacing (techniques). To make drawings, however, you have to understand perspective, and how it changes in respect to your eyes.

To be continued...

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