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FRESH Sources Of Ideas For Designing Your Crafts

How To Become A Trend - Setter
In Your Crafts Niche!

Here's Your FREE INSTRUCTIONS... The Basics Of How And Where To Get Your Ideas For Designing Original Craft Products, Including Some Unconventional Paths For Designing An Almost-Sure Seller Before You Start!

Creating an originally designed sure-selling craft is not an easy task, even for an experienced crafter. Market trends which dictate the whims of home decor are changing daily. The successful crafter needs to know how to keep ahead - or at least, abreast - of the ever changing decorating market. Following are some tips and tricks which may give you the edge you need to run out of your craft inventory at your next show or sale.

One of the most important factors in retailing hand-crafted products that will sell is to provide a product that is in demand. This may seem like a simple and logical observation, but there are many crafters who have lost sales because their own favorite craft item (which they made 100 of) was simply not in demand by the craft-buying public.

It is important to follow market trends when it comes to decorative items. The colors and themes that went over “big” last year are already old. Indeed, you must have a quality product to begin with, but if you plan to make any money with your crafts, you must create with your eyes fixed on the market trends.

Asking yourself the following questions before you begin to create will help you give your creation a solid foundation:

Who are the typical customers I will be selling to? (Are they country folk? City folk? Factory workers? Professionals?)

What are most people buying now? (Are they buying “cutesy” cows and ducks in your area now, or are most people looking for fresher items which blend with the ongoing trend of mixing the old primitives with new, sleek textures and lines?)

What are the approximate income levels of your prospective customers? (Are you living in a low-economy area right now, or is business generally booming?)

What kinds of prices are being paid for similar items, comparable to the ones you intend to make? (After you determine exactly what is selling, determine the average price paid for it.)

What time of year is it? (Seasonal items do well, but only in the correct season!)

The answers to these questions should, in part, determine the type and price of product you will want to sell. You do not want to create something which has too high of a production cost because you will not be able to sell it to your customers if you have to charge too much (for their pocketbook) to make a profit on it. You will instead want to create something which is attractive to the type of folks you know you will be selling to, and which will fit into their budget... and still turn a profit for you. (See our other Craft Business Report #102, "Calculating Your Cost And Pricing Your Product")

If your mind draws a blank when you sit down at “the drawing board”, the first thing you should do is spark your imagination. An old biblical scripture quotes: “there is nothing new under the sun”, and this also rings true in the craft world. Most good craft designers know this, and are not intimidated by or afraid of the fact they must fuel and spark their own creative imagination by looking at what already has been done. So, the logical first step is to go out to the shops and shows to view the market trends and to look for fresh ideas for your own creations. (No, I am not talking about copying another’s creation, which is plagiarism, and an infringement on copyright laws.. You’re just looking for ideas here. See our other Craft Business Report #109, "Copyrighting".)

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