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Decade for Peace 2001-2010
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Twenty Nobel Peace Laureates in the late 1990's initiated an appeal for a "Decade of Nonviolence" with special concern "for the children of the world." The Appeal called for beginning the new millennium with a decade-long effort "to teach the practical meaning and benefits of nonviolence in our daily lives in order to reduce violence and build a new culture of nonviolence."

While the decade has ended, the process continues and there is a long way to go. Below is a list of resources that church groups and members can use to become more effective "instruments of peace" in our troubled world:

Nobel Laureates' Appeal
Full text of the document which launched the UN Decade for Peace

The Promise and Challenge of the Nobel Peace Appeal

1998 ELCA Synod Assembly Resolution on Nonviolence

Nobel Laureates Appeal Discussed in Lutheran Theology Journal

Canadian Commission for UNESCO website on the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence

Building a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence

Nonviolence: Cultivating the Way of Peace
Ways to nonviolence -overviews, activities and ideas for leaders.

Conflict Transformation, Nonviolence, and Justice:An Annotated Guide to Over 400 Outstanding Books, Manuals, Audiovisuals, and Web Sites

Institute for Peace and Justice

Peacemaking Discussion and Activity Resources

What can our student group do for peace?

Our Congregation as Peacemaker

Alternative versions of the nobel resolution for a:
City Council, Community Group, Church, School, College or University

Family Pledge of Nonviolence

Supplementary material on the Lutheran Peace Fellowship response to 9-11

Read more about Nonviolence and Notable Peacemakers.

Top Ten List (pdf, html)
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