Always and Forever

                              The more I think about Woody, the happier I feel. I know that I have
                              finally in my life been truly blessed to have met such a wonderful
                              person. He is friend, confidant and love...he means so very much to
                              me that I shall probably never even be able to find the words. But I
                              know that I'm going to spend every day for the rest of my life
                              letting him know in every way possible.

                              There are so many things that I'm looking forward to doing when we
                              are together, but some of the things that mean the most will be the
                              day to day things with this wonderful man. I look forward to waking
                              up to him, the smell of the coffee that we shall share with each
                              other every morning, just being home with him. Simple pleasures in
                              life shared with another become something intimately wonderful when
                              you love that person with all of your heart.

                              The days seem to be moving by so slowly, but I know that is just
                              because I'm ready for the distance to finally only be arm's
                              length...*smiles* I have never felt such peach, such happiness and
                              such trust in my entire life. I don't have to spend every day with
                              him now and worry and wonder where he is, for I know that I am in his
                              heart as he is in mine no matter where we go and that he is wishing
                              that he was with me as much as I feel those ways myself.

                              From such a strange beginning in this online media it is bringing me
                              the greatest gift I could have ever truly received. That is his
                              smile, his laugh and the love in this truly wonderful man's heart. To
                              You Woody I thank you for taking that time to get to know me, to seek
                              me out as I did you in return and for all the precious time that we
                              spent being friends and then falling in love. I love you more with
                              every day, and soon our time to shall will be upon us. Thank you for
                              all the faith that you have had in me and in us together, you mean
                              more to me than you will ever know.

Planted was a seed in my mind
That one day I would have you as mine
From where this seed came I do not know

I know I long to feel your tender kiss
Or to hear my name whispered from your sweet lips

I want to touch, feel and smell your skin
Caress it ever so softly and take it all in

Your love has taken me to places unknown
Yet I feel so entirely at home

I love you more with each passing day
I love you in every possible way

I cannot wat for our lives to collide
To hold you and wake up right at your side

I will be praying for the days to go fast
So that I might see my love at last

So know in your heart there is someone who cares
Whose love for you will never wear
Who will love you forever and unconditionally
And that the someone who loves you
It is me

I Will Always Love You