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93rd Evacuation Hospital
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Links Worth Visiting

Military Nurses in Vietnam
by Marilyn Knapp Litt

3rd Surgical Hospital
by Dan Fisher

36th Evacuation Hospital
by Anne Philiben

1st Australian Field Hospital Association
By and for our brother and sister veterans from the land down under!

A Personal Tribute to the 36th Evac Hospital!
by Mike McGhie, "The Angry Skipper"

159th Medical Detachment (HA)!
by Tom Grubb

The Dustoff Association

Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association

Nissi Publishing - Online Resource Center!
by David Freedman, 57th Medical Detachment (HA), lots of photo's of Binh Thuy, Can Tho, Vung Tau, & Long Binh !
Binh Thuy was the location of the 3rd Surgical Hospital, which was your Webmaster's 2nd assignment in South Vietnam !

Operation Desert Storm !
by R.W. Cole, 93rd Evac, Gulf War. Lots of photo's of the 93rd !

15th Medical Battalion Association
by Mike Bodnar. Lots of Medevac related photo's !

Welcome to God's Vets
by Sandy Easton. Post your own stories, poems, memories or photo's !

Links About Former 93rd Evac Members

Mental Health Exterminations In WW2 Germany!
by MAJ Leo Alexander (unit UNK) & MAJ Rudolph J. Baruch, 93rd Evac, WW2
Note: This reading is NOT for the faint-hearted!

A Speeding Ticket In Vietnam!
by SSG John R. Price, 93rd Evac, Medical Supply, 69-70

Brave Lady!
A daughter writes of her mother in the 93rd Evac

Boots boots!...now you see them...now you don't!
David Ramsey, a medic, writes of his 93rd Evac experience

Water and Ammo In, Bodies Out
Bud Harton, 173rd AHC, writes of a bad experience with the 93rd Evac

Steven M. Amster, MD
Served in the 93rd Evac, between 69-70

Robert E. Hansen, MD
Served in the 93rd Evac, between 69-71

Lynn B. Fader, DMD
Served in the 93rd Evac, Oral Surgeon, 69-70

Lewis G. Zirkle, MD
Served in the 93rd Evac, Orthopedic Surgeon, 68-70

COL Robert J. Sperberg
Commanded the 93rd Evac, Nov 90 - May 91

Fort Irwin's NCO of the Year!
SSG Istre served in the 93rd Evac, 1991-1994

Patricia A. (Reinel) McGarvey
Served in the 93rd Evac, 68-69

Kathie (Trew) Swazuk
Served in the 93rd Evac, 69-70

Peter B. Vaughan
Served in the 93rd Evac, between 66-68

Ronald H. Smith
Served in the 93rd Evac, between 66-68

Other Links Mentioning The 93rd Evac Hospital

1st Bn (Mech) 5th Infantry Causalty Report!
Operations Clean Sweep and Honolulu, during March 1966

A Commemorative Tribute
My Own 1993 Journey To D.C., by Pam Young

If you know of any related 93rd Evac links that should be listed here, let the Webmaster know!

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