93rd Evacuation Hospital
Long Binh, Vietnam
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Our Hospital Photo Selection
Vietnam 70-71
Hospital Headquarters Registrar -A & D
Personnel Admin CMS
Nursing Services Pharmacy
Pre-Op X-Ray
Ward 1 Ward 2
Ward 3 Ward 4
Ward 5 Ward 6
Surgery Emergency Room Anybody Have Any?
Physical Therapy Laboratory
Out Patient Clinic Medevac Area
Dental Clinic Our PX
Supply & Sevices The Red Cross
Motor Pool Emergency Power

Hospital Chapel

Reunion Photographs

Known Attachments & Related Units
2nd General Dispensary 2nd Medical Detachment
194th General Dispensary 45th Medical Detachment
332nd General Dispensary 46th Medical Detachment
25th Medical Detachment 53rd Medical Detachment
935th Medical Detachment 82nd Medical Detachment
136th Medical Detachment

Photo Contributions By Others

Walter Wronka's 66-67 Photo Series - 93rd Evac

Frank Rodriguez's News Article - 93rd Evac

Harold MacAloney's 1969 Photo Series - 93rd Evac

Note 1: Some of the identifying names are incorrect! If you can identify correctly, email me!
Note 2: All "highlighted" listings indicate there is at least one photograph available for viewing!
And, no "underline" means that I don't have any photo's for them!!

I thought I had a personal group photo of the ER, but apparently I don't!!!

If you have photo's you would like posted on this site,
send the Webmaster an email, so we can determine how!
I can post any GIF or JPEG format graphics as email attachments,
or we will have to use the postal system, for a round trip so
I can scan what you are willing to send. All photo's returned!

Just email the webmaster for details. I will respond!

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