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93rd Evacuation Hospital
Ready Now

Distinctive Unit Insignia
Our Unit Crest

Unit Crest


A silver color metal and enamel device 1/8 inches in
height overall consisting of a silver color metal
anserated cross charged with a pomgranate slipped and
leaved maroon enamel, above a maroon enamel scroll
inscribed "FIDE ET FIDUCIA" in silver color metal letters.


Unit Crest

Maroon and white (silver) are the colors of the Army Medical Department.
The cross is the symbol of faith; the snakes are the symbol of medicine and plenty.
The motto "FIDE ET FIDUCIA" is translated "With Faith and Confidence.
The unofficial slogan of the 93rd Evacuation Hospital is "Ready Now".

You can purchase patches, insignia, and unit crests from: H.J. Saunders Military Insignia

Other Distinctive Unit Insignia
Unit "Pocket Patches" or "Drops"

Your Webmaster still has these "pocket patches", or "drops"! I believe they were designed to be worn when wearing the Class A or Class B uniform. I bought them at our little PX Annex, sometime during my assignment with the 93rd Evacuation Hospital, although I never did get to wear them while I was assigned!

The Hospital Drop
93rd Pocket Patch

The USARV Drop
USARV Pocket Patch

Anyone have the 68th Medical Group?

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Note: The "unofficial" 93rd Vietnam Shield, used at the top of this page, was enhanced by Leon Baldwin, a good friend!
Leon also provided the background used on these pages!