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Alzheimer's Disease
The Alzheimer's Disease Web Page
Welcome to Alzheimer Web!
BirthNet For Wanderers

Anonymous 12 Step Links
Adult Children Anonymous
Al-Anon and Alateen
Alcoholics Anonymous General Services
Cancer Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous
Debtors Anonymous
Depressed Anonymous
Emotions Anonymous

Food Addicts Anonymous
Gamblers Anonymous

Marijuana Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous World Services
Nicotine Anonymous
Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous
Overeaters Anonymous

Recoveries Anonymous
Recovering Couples Anonymous
Sex Addicts Anonymous
Sexual Compulsives Anonymous

Sexual Recovery Anonymous
Trauma Anonymous
Workaholics Anonymous

Anxiety /Panic
Panic/Anxiety Disorders
Anxiety Disorder Association America
NIMH) Anxiety Disorder Education Program
the Anxiety Panic Internet Resource (tAPIR)

Child Abuse
Child Abuse.Net
California Registered Sex Offenders online
Childhelp USA®
Child Sexual Abuse:
Symptoms checklist

CIVITAS Child Trauma Programs
The Sidran Foundation and Press

The Wounded Healer Journal

Information About Cults and Psychological Manipulation

Depression and Related Affective Disorders Ass.(DRADA)
National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association
Postpartum Depression Resource Guide
Depression/ Recognition /Treatment

Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders
National Institute of Mental Health - Eating Disorders
Overeaters Anonymous
National Eating Disorders Organization (NEDO)
American Anorexia Bulima Association

Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse
Books Reviews- Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse
Common Symptoms-Abuse Related Ilnesses
Child Abuse Yellow Pages

Defining and surviving Child Sexual Abuse
Hidden Legacy

List of Famous Suvivors
Sexual Assault Information Page

Family, Parents,Children

Domestic Violence
American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence
Center for Prevention of Domestic Violence

National Coalition of TV Violence

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Resources
Gay Christian Resource Links
Lesbian, Gay, Bi Magazines on the Web

Geriatric Psychology
American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry

Medications (Psychiatric Drugs)
67 Most Common Psychiatric Drugs

Mental Health Information
Mental Disorders- 52 Most Common Mental Disorder
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
National Institute of Mental Health

Missing Children

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation
Child and Adolescent Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
DSM-IV Definition of Obssive_COmpulsive Disorders


Online Self-Help &
Psychology Magazine
Self-Help & Psychology Magazine
Career Magazine
Medical Journals
Yoga Journal

Sexual Dysfunction
Sexual Dysfunction - Womens Health Net Links

Substance Abuse
Web of Addictions
Hazelden Books

National ClearingHouse for Alcohol & Drug Information
NIDA- National Institute on Drug Abuse Information Index

National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Prescription Drug Use and Abuse
Addictions facts sheet

Suicide: "Read This First"
American Association of Sucidology (AAS)
America Foundation for Sucide Prevention (AFSF)

Alliance for the Mentally Ill --
Friends and Advocates of
the Mentally Ill
Schizophrenia: Questions and Answers-NIMH
The Schizophrenia Homepage
Schizophrenia: Handbook for Families

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
David Baldwin's Trauma Info Pages
Journal of Traumatic Stress
PTSD general information
PTSD/combat veterans research

Tourettes Disorder
Facts about Tourettes Syndrome

Women's Issues
Feminist Activist Resources on the Net

Eleven Unethical Managed Care Practices Every Patient Should Know About by Ivan Miller, Ph.D.



The references here cover psychology, mental health, abuse, sexuality, domestic violence, gay and lesbian issues, substance abuse. I am currently gathering additional resources and new topics. I will be updating soon.

If you have other favorite links or find a broken link, please email .

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