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Welcome to Kentucky Ragdolls! We are located in Louisville, Kentucky. My name is Lori, and I work very hard to produce the biggest and best Ragdolls available. Our kittens are handled from birth, daily, to ensure each kitten is given the best start in life that it can. Working with the kittens on a daily basis makes them some of the most loving and docile cats you will ever see.

Ragdolls are noted for their large size, gentle nature and almost dog-like devotion to their owners. They are extremely intelligent and want to please their people any way they can.

If you would like more information on this unique, loving breed of cat, write or call me anytime, or to see PICTURES of our cats, just click on the related link at the bottom of this page!


IVY is a Selkirk Rex--A relatively NEW Breed of Cat....for more information on this breed, please write!

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Kentucky Ragdolls
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