This is the page which the quiet ones refer to as the fanfic section. The voices tell me that I'm working on the following projects: Kawaikune Team Fighters (X-Over), Anime Battle Squadron (X-Over), Catgirls and Perverts (X-Over), Omnipotence (Ranma 1/2), A Nadesico Lemon, and Pokemon Hunter D (Pokemon/Vampire Hunter D X-Over). Sadly though, only these few fics are currently in a final state of production. I hope you enjoy them. Please let me know what you think. I can be reached at

These are the current fics I have released to the general public:

Ever wonder how a writer gets ideas?

`Nuff said.

Done here? Then feel free to return to the main section. By the way, all of the fanfictions are copyright by me. The image is from a mysterious manga known as Super Taboo.