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We react according to negative and positive factors prevail in us. Our behavior is never always the same; some times we are very active and some times inactive. Some times our common sense is perfect but some times opposite to it. No life form is of same character and it changes from individual to individual, depends on influence of negative and positive in us, what percentage of negative and what percentage of positive prevails in self. Person under influence of positive will have positive approach and vise a versa if by negative. In these two too there is difference like extreme, higher, lower and lowest positive, same in negative also. Behavior changes with respect to their effects. In behavior extreme of either is lunatic or madness because after extreme it is dead end for beginning of opposite. We see some people with extraordinary characters look and behave like nuts. This is because they are like straight line and unable to mix up with the changing environment on the other hand they are the best when they have their own environment. Lower positive, ranks little higher to negative and higher negative behaves like positive, so those who are influenced by them react accordingly. For example, one person is non violent, one with less violence and the other is tolerant but when persuaded is violent. Contrary to it, some are extreme violent. Development of negative and positive factors we obtain in following stages:

  1. By birth inherited from mother and fathers gene of their attitude, personality etc; and a major part is self developed in womb during development from gene to egg stage and egg to creation? Both negative and positive factors play important role for the development of a child. Two children from same mother and father with different personalities. For example, we can notice after some days of birth some children are too sickening and some serene without killing parents nights. In this stage, one factor is weaker and other one is stronger, one is too shy and other child too frank and bold, one is very bright and clever and the other child is too weak and dull, though these children are from same mother and father yet there is change in personalities and behavior. This change of personalities is due to the roles of negative and positive factors, during the progress of development in mothers womb. Has contributed change of behavior in two children of same mother and father. When the child is too small, energy field of negative and positive is too narrow. Expansion of energy field takes place from environment and experiences.
  2. To explain role of environment I begin with an example, if I go to flower garden and sit for some time my feelings will be what a nice place this will make better my feeling to nice happenings. Different when go to a hospital and meet patients where my sad feelings will emerge and say, is this a life? And if go to any desert and lonely place where I will feel very isolated and depressed. It depends as how much environment is effective on individual. As inner self energy whether positive or negative, when come in contact with outer environment of negative or positive, my inner energy will interact. If my energy is more towards negative, it will interact with negative environment comfortably, because its behavior matches with negative environment. But if my energy is dominated by positive and not enough strong to over power negative environment then will become slave to negative environment. For example, a child entering into smoking habit, initially child does not know what smoking is, but lured by people smoking around him makes him to take a drag so the habit is developed to become smoker. Weaker and stronger points of negative and positive factors do make effects to developing habits in us, weaker is always is submitted to the stronger one. Negative and positive factors in us always in competition and fight. Winning the fight depends on how strong the environment is; rather there is a fight to over power. If positive of energy is stronger than the negative environment, then it changes the environment, if vise a versa then will submit to negative to become slave to environment, specially, for children we have to be more attentive as childrens energy fields are narrow that develops with environment. We must message them of positive side of life so they absorb. This enhances childs positive factor of energy. Present life style is too tilted towards negative environment what children absorb that increases their negative and same becomes their life style.  Enhancement of negative and positive factors depends on the environment under which the child grows. If a child has positive feelings and the environment is negative, childs positive factors will start narrowing and negative will enhance as the child will start adopting what is happening around and will accept this as truth. Environment contributes a lot of negative and positive effects during growth. During growth of a child, grasping power is fast so child immediately adopts what sees around   in the house with mama and papa, schools, and behavior of friends.
  3. Expansion of energy in negative and positive is by gaining experiences. Contribution of environment to gain experience has a real role. Supposing a person born in very poor family where parent has no money to feed family and living in disastrous condition, child is already dominated by negative factors, when this child engages in cheating, snatching and other activities which are unsocial will further help negative to escalate its field, similar situation with a person who has been cheated many times, will always suspect and loose confidence on others rather say all are cheaters on this earth. This persons negative thinking has gained energy and enlarged its field by negative behavior and approach, because what gained from the experiences is negative approach so negative is further added to number what he already had, besides resulted to reduce positive factor because it became weaker in front of negative. If above characteristics had opted to reasonable opportunities and approach would have resisted the negative environment and shifted to positive then situation would have been different negative dominant factors they had would have reduced and positive factor would have increased. One living in good and social environment is already under domination of positive factor will certainly gain suitable experiences to enlarge positive factor, but on the other hand if had been attracted by alluring negative environment for want of better luxury or other what could not get if had not accepted this environment, this means that person with positive dominance was not enough to overpower and became prey thus the negative has escalated and positive factor in him has plummeted. In cases where percentages of positive higher comfortably, are not influenced by negative atmosphere, because of the capability to over power the negative factor in self. Their positive factor is too large gained from birth and environment which fails the negative atmosphere to over rule. Thus the experience gained by defeating negative environment by overpowering it, has further given momentum to growth enhance positive factor in self.  Therefore, experience what is gained from around contributes to expansion of negative and positive approach and behavior.


When we measure our activities will find how much negative and positive we are and perform. We rest externally but not internally, our each internal part functions also brain all the time whether unknowingly in dream as imaginations or in practice. Also dreams are not same, negative and positive contribute their share for the dream as some times the dreams are good and some times horrifying. We all dream whether day dream or night dreams when in sleep. Day dream is more popular in children especially who are into puberty age. This age is dream age as are very new and fresh to the practical life. Even I was fond of day dreams in my young age. Specially to dream I used to lie in the bed alone an kept dreaming some times being most famous actor, some times I was richest man of the world and so on. My best dream was pilot in Air force so that dream became my ambition. I could not become though I tried best. Day dreams generally become a factor to boost our ambition and to achieve that objective we endeavor. All of us had some thing in our mind to be rich, doctor, actor, scientists etc; etc; in dreams we enjoy being actor and acting in one of the best films that made very popular. Enjoyment of day dreaming is so intense and intoxicating that we live in a house that is built not on the ground but in sky. Makes change in our behavioral practice; we behave as if we are super humans driving a car in maximum speed, if we do not have car will steal to enjoy rash driving. This is the age to dream in day to have friendship with the girl so to impress this age does all the best. Change will be in hair style, dressing, walking etc; etc; so it nice life with nice dreams that changes behavior and no more a child. We act like adult and push us to adult hood.


Many people say this is my dream to be in the life I will try to achieve even if I have to struggle. Some people adopt wrong methods to catch to goal fast and some accept only right methods that are known as systematic but is long. Once upon a time there was a man who had hen which laid golden egg so the owner used to go the hen daily and took that golden egg each day. He used to sell golden egg each day and became rich. Neighbor was watching this and said to his wife he was as poor as I but how did he become rich? This curiosity made him watch hen keepers activity each time and finally he got reason behind getting richness. Eagerness to become rich as his neighbor he stole the hen and kept in hidden to get unnoticed.  Next morning same golden egg, he and his wife were too happy and overwhelmed. But he thought it is a slow process to become rich so at night he went to the hen. He sliced the hen so he could have all the eggs. Found nothing and repented for his behavior to get richer faster.   


As discussed before each individual comprises positive and negative features in self. What I planned just five minutes back, to a movie is now changed because the mood has changed. In a restaurant placed an order for chicken roast but all of sudden the mood has changed   no I want to change menu. Now I want pasta, not this I go for pizza. Ok go ahead prepare pizza for me. What is surprising me? How this mood has changed even though there was no specific reason for change? It is only mood that is my inner conscious that wants the change, which is interpreted by negative and positive. As both had opposite opinions, at first positive could forward and was accepted but later negative over ruled and emphasized no we dont go there today. Number of times this happens with us it is because many a times one is active and the other is inactive or some times activates late in response. Negative and positive are always in war to force their influence on individuals. Stronger one succeeds and other has to submit. Some people we find of typical character as they are unstable of their mind, him / her not sure of what to do, yes or no always plays in him / her. So the decision making becomes difficult for him/ her. Here in this case positive and negative both are equally strong and none can overpower each other. It is only the environment by the guidance of friend or relation that interferes to help same feature to make stronger whether negative or positive. What do you eat? I am confused so will order what you order? So with the help of the environment decision becomes possible. However, is not a matter whether right or wrong?  What environment wanted has influenced.


Things get failed when decision is not on time. This happens because of failure to say yes or no timely. In the stock market many stocks plunged sharply. Person carrying many shares what was in down fall. Dawn fall situation had lost his mental balance. He does not know what to do now? Whether I keep the stock or not? If I keep will it go further down? Or if I sell off will it be upward trend? It is total confusion and that resulted  stress to a person, both negative and positive had activated they confused the whole episode. If one factor is stronger decision is done at once. Will see what happens. It is now a gamble so positive factor will study the grounds for taking decision. Now the market is plunging because of high sale due to over profit taking, it will not last long so I dont sell them now. Or I have to sell them off because these shares will not come up again as the trend for these shares will not be as good as today. But negative will act opposite will say no, no, no I dont want to take any more risk and will not see much but to escape present situation, will sell off. In both the cases shares had to be sold off but positive calculated before the situation and negative thought to save skin.


Our relation does not develop with all the colleagues with whom we are working. Boss favors one, one is not favorable at all and one is less favorable. Mostly all the workers endeavor to come in good books yet they fail. Not because of lack in any ability but because inner conscious dont match together. We have strong friendship with one and other we despise a lot. This happens with all of us, inner conscious takes decision to allow to collaborate or to avoid depending upon the matching of both energies.  Our energy has strong sensual feelings that reacts upon we see or face a person.  After the contact is established of both the energy fields we receive inspiration to get involved to develop relationship.  Some times one persons energy was to have relation with the person other side but response from other side is neglecting, in such cases ones endeavor is to establish relation and of other side will discourage. Some times we want to but hesitate that is due to weaker energy field. Many a time I have noticed, people while meeting each other, one reflects strong effects and the other shows weaker effects. Weaker one indicates to submission to other higher energy field this practice of higher energy later becomes help higher to dominating position. Normally, our energy reflects in our face. Face is an instrument to identify persons character. Behavioral change also influences the personality and way of approach. In some cases I have seen that some people are dragged by the attraction of other person that results to interest to have the company. These people have strong energy field inspires others to get attracted. Man and woman relation also related to the attraction and contact of energy fields. The automatic process of liking and disliking exists immediately upon the contact. Some times the person of other end is very nice and decent but our hidden disliking that does not permit us. Our energy selects what is suitable to it nice or bad is no matter to it. In most cases I have also studied wife and husbands are altogether opposite characters if one is soft the other one is strong in behavior. This kind of behavioral change is not understandable to me. I feel could be because dominance and submission of either of the partner. Many incidents occur in the initial stages of marriage to dominate partner. Both of them practice to overpower but one fails and submits thus the behavioral practice changes.  As long as energy fields dont match together, communication is not established for any progress of relation. When the relation is established becomes vital factor to build communication that further rise so the intimation is achieved.


Human practice of seeking someones help during distress is quite natural and frequent. When we are depressed hug of our close relation is enough to rejuvenate us to strengthen our spirits. While hugging depressed person feels consoled and relieved from the sadness. This consolation is from energy to energy who are closest.


So our behavior is not controlled by us. Our behavior is slave to negative / positive and change according to their control. Environment helps or hinders them for control of influence in our behavior.


Our action is by reaction, thus we don’t act rather we react