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negative/positive and LIFE STANDARD
Extreme of either is for beginning of other
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Extreme of positive gives effect of negative and when negative reaches its extreme some one comes to change negative wave to positive.

Role of negative and positive factors in our life is as truth as birth and death. We are controlled by their influence during our entire life span.

When we are borne our energy field is narrow. Expansion of energy field is by the environment around and experience we gain.


Negative environment can be minimized and changed to more positive environment but that depends !!!!! More the number of positive thinkers grater the strength of positive environment. So, number of positive THINKERS has to be more than the number of negative THINKERS for dominating environment.

Negative and positive are two different aspects of our universe with two different objectives, if one is night the other is day yet they are linked to each other because without night there is no day. Two features opposite to each other have to join together to form a shape. So relation of negative and positive is imperative for creation and its evolution.


A fruit that is tasteless in the beginning stage, then sour and sweet becomes sweet purely but when sweetness reaches to its extreme renders to rotting and finally ends up landing on the ground to fertile for new tree.


Our birth to earth is with objective predetermined by super natural power (Paramatma). We do not function ourselves; it is the inspiration that makes us work.

When we die we do not take anything with us. What we take with us is the extract of experiences gained during our whole life. Experience helps to promote or demote the energy fields of our spirits.

One side we have cake and on the other side we have excreta. Both have capacity of attraction but when we see cake we love to have on the other hand when we see excreta will attract to hate and go away from that. One attraction is to pull and other to push. What drives our mind is attraction and reaction is negative and positive depending what we come across. You hate me or love me but you feel me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to for providing space

Best meditation in the universe is SMILE. Smile means you are happy happy means you are content content means you dont run after   dont run means you are not greedy not greedy means you have less worries less worry means you are happy --- happy means you always SMILE.

Men are meant for ejection and women to suction and conceive. This total change of process renders to change of behavior, mens character is exposure and womens is to attract. Therefore, mens aggressiveness is of aggression and womens aggressiveness is to obtain so she is attractive and  attracts opposite sex. Perceptions of men are external and women internal, which is why women we see are more imaginative than men, also this reflects in body as men are muscular and women are soft. This is why men are angrier and prefer to act more dominent role.

Faster the growth sooner the extinction. Eucalyptus tree which has fast growth and goes as long as 60 feet without strengthening is base so it is defenseless to flood and storms thus its death is also fast.  In the same time we have mango tree also, which grows slow but the growth starts from their root which penetrates below earth to make strong base to withstand heavy body and natural devastation

  • Extreme of either is for beginning of other so Excessive of every this is bad
  • Decomposition produces bacteria and bacteria is for new life. Is fungus not the first stage of creation on earth?

  • Negative/ positive factors comprise in each living life. I will always say I am right, you too, because if I say I am wrong, will not commit. only you can perceive  if I am right or wrong?

  • Gratification what poor man gets by one time nice food is same as the gratification of rich man gets when buys an airplane.

  • Fire (spark) is reaction, produced by friction of two substances in negative and positive (opposite) directions. Fire seeks help of substance for its extension. It is the substance that helps fire to become furious. So intensity of fire depends on power of substances.

  • Both negative and positive exist side by side. what is positive for me may be negative for you as difference of opinion changes from person to person. When a take a stick, what I face the end of stick is positive side and other end is negative, but, when stick is turned becomes opposiite what negative is now positive and what positive is now negative.

To gain something we loose something.  To gains more and more materialistic is loss of spritual


Our action is by reaction, thus we don’t act rather we react