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Woman love when men flirting

To my feelings, love is formed when attraction, wish and submission to action combine together in human. When we find something attractive in any look, the enchantment comes from within, that leads to our wish of any form that leads to submission. We love one type from many flowers when we are attracted to that one among many types of flowers, from inside we are tempted so we wish, that wish makes to submit to take action to appreciate, pluck or feel by touch or smell, is love.  These three processes of nature lures life form, to act according to natures system. In order to support long living, pain is given by nature, in case of we feel wound that helps us to attempt to escape from what hurts or make wound. Gratification is given to human being is to release. Gratification of release of anything, that is unwanted by body or to create new generation. An example during release of urine, excreta and phlegm we feel relieved that gives us satisfaction but when we do not release for long time we feel pain that forces us to release on priority basis, whatever urgent work we may be doing, we will leave and rush for our relief. As regards the creation of new generation, nature is very clever, has given us the best of best and the ultimate pleasure to tempt us to act to give new birth and to feed with milk for its growth.

Maharshi Vatsyayana exponent of KAMASUTRA regards Kama (sexual pleasure) Dharma (religion) and Arth (luxury) as important objects as basic reasons for existence, everybody endeavors to achieve either of these objects with his capacity. Shastras and discipline helps a person to achieve the object he deserves. Kama (carnal pleasure) is extreme contentment or joy that helps woman and man to join together Sutra (method) developed to achieve best of best pleasure. He has mentioned 64 types of carnal acts that would be best way to enjoy during act. He did not only explain methods of carnal acts but also had mentioned about finding a partner, maintaining power in marriage. Vatsyayana described that man should begin to win her over and create confidence in her, Women being tender nature, want tender beginning, but when they are forcibly approached by men, they sometimes suddenly become haters of sexual connection and sometimes haters of male sex. So the man should first keep womans liking in his mind to perform accordingly to establish himself more and more into her confidence. The man should show great kindness to women so she can feel as he is fit to be trusted. Kamasutra sees the desire of man and woman is equally important as both of them have duty towards nature.


When reaching puberty dream of a woman to have handsome and caring husband, though woman being shy does not express. In many societies woman getting married to an unknown man who she has even seen before, becomes difficult to understand him, there, woman looses her first right to choose mate as she wants to live life long. I am sure more than 50% of young boys of marriageable age think love is sex only and lesson they receive is, overpower your woman by hook or crook that would make you a man. They do not receive the real lesson as how to interact with woman and there is no education for this in any of the schools during their age (my assumption) I think in the whole world. What he learnt as a child that man is superior and woman need to live with him as subordinate and make her obedient to you this lesson he puts into practice, there, woman feels I should not have been borne as woman in this society where woman acts as toy. Remains as slave and sex toy for the whole life. Desire to share feelings, affection is deprived as men want her to do they said. A great disadvantage to working woman is that non is bothered to help when for dinner or cloth washing and etcetera; when she comes from the office work, it is her job and at night bigger job, in the bed to give pleasure, if not she is not capable. Similar situations where love marriage takes place, understanding lasts until the marriage and after that becomes as usual. Right to decision of when to have a child is scrapped, free movement in the society is scrapped, then arguments and violence and finally ends up in divorce.



Woman wants her male partner to be her associate for her bad and good times, would like her inmate to share with her activities and feelings. Love develops where both favor each other and are shareholders of each others feelings that builds confidence and leads to lovely life. Disturbances in the houses are mainly due to difference of opinions, which do not want to be share or not bothered to listen, and ends up inculpating each other that brings frictions in the relation. Carnal plays important role of union of wife and husband, carnal satisfaction makes both of them almost like thinking and makes them together. One persons satisfaction means how much one pays attention to others feelings.  In many houses, reasons of discontentment and friction some times due to this.


  • Social attitude towards woman still has not changed. She is still treated as second grade. Modern societies with the help religious places, intellectuals, educational institutions should come out with modern thinking of gender equality.
  • Reformation in education system is important where equality of gender be made understood right from the begning at home as well as schools. 
  • Sharing each others experience in day-to-day life of sorrow and good will help building understanding.
  • Helping hand and sharing workload at home will promote confidence.
  • Understanding others feelings towards sex and acts will give ultimate joy. Forceful act is only relief and not joy and builds feelings of hate between both.
  • Dependency on each other is very helpful way to say yes without you my life is nothing.
  • Caring partners plays important role that how much he/ she cares me.
  • Behave like made for each other dress, eat, sit and live the way partner likes. To live together, self-interest should be avoided if want seek the opinion of the partner.
  • There is no house where difference of opinions are not there but adjusting, accommodating and making understand the good and bad part will help. Avoid arguments as escalates situation and never helps. Patience is water to fire.
  • Spare some time to live together in new atmosphere away from usual life that would rejuvenate feelings.
  • Many marital disputes are due to past sexual relation that is kept secret. When exposed becomes matter of life and death. revelation in the beginning to avoid misunderstanding.
  • Natural law says woman has to be attractive. Sutras (techniques), are attractive in speak, in look, in behavior, in affairs,  lures man to incline before woman.These are internal powers that a woman has by nature, these powers can even melt hard stone mountain. 
  • Psychologically understanding the partner living with is good way to smoothen
  • In many a cases disaappointment in love takes place when desire exists for unreachable in any form. "Love what you have and what is within reach"


Each human has energy field [to identify energy field take both right and left pointing fingers closer to each other without touching. When we see carefully, blank portion (something like steam from the body) touching each other] broader the energy field greater the inner strength and reflection comes in the face. Face is the first stage that attracts. Energy develops with ones characteristics and behavioral practice. Similarly, each human has own odour of self / perspiration for identity. To my opinion, these invite opposite sex to interact. Many examples I noted when watching behavior some men and women dont mix up easily in first meeting as some hidden disliking that is not helping to mix but same people when they are in touch with others behave closely.

There are an estimated 20 million unsafe abortions each year and more than 70,000 abortion-related deaths, most of them in the Majority World. An unknown but much larger number suffer infection, injury and trauma. Where abortion is illegal, the number of women resorting to unsafe abortion increases - and so does the danger of them dying or being injured.

Women give more importance to love than sex.

There are more than 333 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases (stds) every year. Of these nearly 6 million are aids/hiv, 90% of which occur in developing countries. (Barrier methods of contraception which reduce the risk of hiv account for less than 5% of contraceptive use in the South and 25% in the North). Worldwide, women contract stds at more than 5 times the rate of men. stds are the second-most important cause of diseases for women aged 15-44 in developing countries, after deaths and illnesses related to pregnancy and childbirth. They are most frequent in young people aged 15-24

The number of women who die for every 100,000 live births varies from an average of 27 in developed countries to an average of 479 in less-developed nations. For each death, another 13 women suffer from a less serious threat to their health. Most maternal deaths are in the Majority World. An African woman is 500 times more likely to die of pregnancy-related causes than a woman in Scandinavia. However, poor or minority women everywhere are most at risk. For example in the US black women face a risk nearly four times as high as white women.
Religions of most undeveloped/ underdeveloped countries see woman  as untouchable and are isolated during their menses period



Ego and domination are the major causes of domestic violence