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First stage of violence begins with women, is when parents abort their unborn daughter, as they prefer son.  Help given by new modernized methods like ultrasound to identify if boy or girl. Birth of a girl is seen as burden to parents due to social degradation of women and payment of dowry in girl childs marriage.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Violence against women in the family is same everywhere in the world though is developed country or developing country. Only percentage of such crimes depends from region to region. Domestic violence is a practice intending to control over partner, is a game of power, weaker one is failure and has to submit and war gainer dominates irrespective of man or woman. There are instances where men being submitted to womens dominance though in rare yet they have to face abuse. It is not in common because men have external physical power to resist and overpower women to submit. Oral violence is the address that I am still dominant will wish what I want, non-acceptance or resistance or arguments pushes to physical violence. My observation for oral violence generally a cause where partner is extroverted that delivers verbally if other partner shows patience, the chapter is finished, but introverted partners keep incidents in self that fuels to multiply and finally that explodes to physical violence. Such people are generally too dangerous and can reach to any extent. Similarly positive thinkers generally believe in overlooking an unwanted incident, which hurts family, but negative thinkers feel a different way, why did she not make a cup of tea for my mother or me or why did he not bring a gift for me? If she had her mother as a guest she would have rather shown initiative for reception!!!! He would have shown much interest-giving gift to his secretarys birthday. Extroverted negative character is too violent and starts with verbal and ends up in physical are disobedience is shown. Positive extroverted will closes chapter in verbal arguments. Similarly, negative introverted unimaginatively dangerous in all aspects but positive introverted may not reach to physical abuse, will be suspicious, will act as watch dog, become hindrances non- respecting etcetera; that would result to mental torture of being suspected. Lack of interaction between partners causes one of the reasons of misunderstanding and conflict. Materialistic modern civilization gives modern thinking of dowry system that requires women to bring more and more dowry to unsatisfied husbands family results cruelty.

Sexual Harassments: Most of women undergo unwanted humiliating sexual acts at home to satisfy inmates, resisting would result violence. Women also faces marital rape is forcible intercourse without womans willingness such acts generally ends up in violence some times results to organ mutilation and painful experience. She not only faces sexual harassment in home but also in working places and outside home. Woman are seen as sexual object are very vulnerable often become prey to ill-natured men who rape women to fulfill the sexual desire. Many societies have advised a woman to dress simple that does not provoke men for any such acts. Also many organizations also have come forward advising women for self defense to awaken crowd for help and physical protection. Many voices commended the yelling as better self-protection as helps gathering people to help fast. Between 12-25% women report that they have experienced forced sex or attempted by their inmates or ex-partners. Major percentage hesitates to come out with complaints of such acts. In part of Asia still women of tribes or low castes are gang raped by high caste men for want of revenge, many of such cases were not brought. During war mass rape is common in border villages though fourth world conference has declared that rape in armed conflict is war crime. Due to ineffective constructive implementation and punishment to regiment that was present, mass rape is still continued. 


Mental Harassment: This is psychological method of harassment by way of humiliation and isolation. Mens dominance dictates if food is not good, if cloths are not ironed properly she is bad, you spoke to that man not allowed, as you are my property. Homely women generally run short of finance to maintain house because husband does not give enough and spends in liquor shop and gambling. Working wife when comes to home from work place it is her job to get the dinner ready for the family. In offices for not favoring bosses with sexual pleasure often causing mental torture and harassments. This is a great concern of womans health due to mental harassment apart from this woman also suffers in work place is inability to work properly and less wages. Mental harassment also results too many other internal deceases and cause fatigue Mentally harassed women generally feel as if they are in captivity


Physical Harassment: Until recently in most societies, beating a wife considered as part of marriage. According to study report between 10%-50% of women report that they have been physically abused by inmates in their lifetime. Major percentage still accepts and justifies domestic violence and they do not report. Out of total hospitalization of women for physical injury is due to beatings by inmates in the houses. Violence extends to extreme cruelty causing to death, that personal violence was the tenth leading cause of death for women 15-44 years of age in 1998. Physical abuse has contributed major percentage of death rate to women between 15-30 years even outside the house, rapist generally to conceal proof, after gang raping kill and dump in secret places.


         No laws can protect until social awareness is initiated strictness is obtained. Under present laws culprit gets minimum punishment if found guilty. Minimum sentence to rapist should be life term. Besides this there should be modification in laws that rapist should prove his innocence that to be believed. Many rape cases are abandoned due to lack of legitimate proof that is concealed or destroyed. Guilty persons should also be made as why he should not be doubted until he proves is innocence.

         Most of populations of developing countries do not prefer indulging with police and harassing process of courts. Therefore, most of the cases are lost due to lack of support from public. Face humiliated and harassed by police and legal procedures. As long as public feel harassed they will not come to support in fear of after affect. Only friendly process will help police departments. Public see police as evil as they had their experience with police.    

         Single woman should not live alone, rather should live with parents or other friends. Best preferred is parents who are more conscious and supporting. System of joint family was the best for protection though with strict laws framed which was for protection.

         Should learn methods of self-defense to save self from intruders in the house or outside. One of the best methods for protection is association with good neighbors who will rush in good and bad times instantly.

         Avoid going from lonely areas and places. Stay in offices late hours only when other colleagues are there. Do not indulge too much in conversations with less known or unknown and avoid giving secrets.

         Dress wearing also provokes man for unwanted acts so to avoid maintain simplicity when go out without the inmates or known reliable.

         Women need not to be hesitant to expose the culprit. In many cases women being shy or keeping in mind of future in society, avoid to complain. This would only encourage escalating.

         To put off fire only water or other cool elements are effective. So when there is heat arguments, require patience and not to react until situation cools down. Much home violence occurs when both partners indulge into heat argument that shifts to physical violence.

         Initiation to set up community in residential areas as watchdogs with the assistance of local police stations, which would be immediate support to crime affected during presence in the home.

         In most cases women feels humiliated when explaining rape incident to cross questioning by advocates in open court. This should be protective way that helps encouraging woman to complain and explain.

        A woman generally feels what will happen to her and her children in absence of husband or societys attitude, or revenge by husband after separation. These feelings make women to accept the violence as fate and men escape legal proceedings. Woman needs to be self reliant, self-defensive and self-confident.


Her body is more flexible and eyes sharper than him.
She is more sentimental than him
In India, in average 5 women a day are burned alive in dowry disputes. More than this figure are never reported. 
In the United States, National statistics indicate that a woman is raped every six minutes.
85 to 115 million girls and women in the population have undergone some form of female genital mutilation and suffer from its adverse heath effects (WHO)
A woman is raped every 41 seconds in US.  It is estimated that two in four women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetimes; one in four will be raped

You disagree with your partner in many occasions, if perspiration odor of his/ her, you don’t like.
Difference of opinion of wife and husband is fight. It is normal routine.

Her memory is so strong that she can remind him of incident 25 years back.

Northern Ireland Women's Aid 24 Hour Domestic Violence Helpline - 028 9033 1818. Scottish Domestic Abuse Helpline - 0800 027 1234. UK. Domestic Violence Helpline: 0808 2000 247. Wales Domestic Abuse Helpline - 0808 80 10 800. Male Advice & Enquiry Line - 0845 064 6800. The Dyn Wales/Dyn Cymru Helpline - 0808 801 0321. US 1-888-743-5754.

She is more involved so has more problems !!
Both men and women have jealous feelings. Circumstances make who is more or less.

There has to be psychological reason behind mens aggressive nature. To my opinion, by nature men are meant for ejection and women to suction and conceive. This total change of process results to change of behavior, mens character is exposure and womens is to attract. Therefore, mens aggressiveness is of aggression and womens aggressiveness is to obtain. Perceptions of men are external and women internal, which is why women we see are more imaginative than men, also this reflects in body as men are muscular and women are soft. This is why men are angrier and prefer to act domination.

Religions of most undeveloped/ underdeveloped countries see woman  as untouchable and are isolated during their menses period

Ego and domination are the major causes of domestic violence