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Home Page KFSHRC: Hospital in Riyadh where Marie and I worked, and played, for many years.
Curriculum Vitae: Significant Achievements:
Curriculum Vitae: Chronological:
Where Tina used to study...........: Vet Med - University of Florida: GO GATORS!
Where Kim works .......: Making the Internet work for Business - What a vignette!
Where Mike works ....: Making the Internet work for Business, for Charles Schwab!
Photos on WebShots!: Some pictures from around the world, trekking with the Swans.
Excel File Samples of Key Performance Indicators:
Critical Factors - Management Excellence: How do you know if you don't MEASURE it??
Links to Great Healthcare Sites: (Let me know if I'm missing something???
Cancerlinks - "When you want to know.": Links for Info on Cancer, Treatment, FAQs. Etc
Home Page of Other Swans: Go Rick&Jan (swanassoc.com)
International Jugglers Association: Andy & Mike are members!
Facts about Swans :---) :---))):
Swans at the Golden Gate Bridge, 1997:
HashHouseHarriers - H3Links: On-On :---) :---)
Esoteric:: Gurdjieff and the Fourth Way
Going to Egypt?: Tips to Make the Most of It :--)
HEARTBUILDERS: Getting a HANDLE on your Heart :--)
WRISTBUILDERS: "If the Wrist is strong, what can be wrong? If you're a golfer...
WHOA - Class of '61: Yep! This is Wurtsmith Memorial High!
FAMILY ALBUM :---): Lots of fun over the years!
My Favorite Books :---):
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The links above will give you an idea that we SPAN THE GLOBE!
Swans have flown the cooop, to Tampa, Florida.  Where they go next lies in God's hand.
     George Swan - Healthcare Per-Se
     Marie Swan  - RN, Oncology
Other Swans are still in the USA
     Kim (and Mike) - Living in San Francisco, and loving it.
     Tina - Relocated to Denver, the Vet Referral Center of Colorado :-)
Hopefully, this page will be a link to our wherabouts for a long time to come.  We move a lot, and mail doesn't always get forwarded.
To our friends, be persistent, and send messages to our emails.
Also, Add this page to your "Favorite" File, and check it out for updates.  If you are a stranger and you like this page, or have a happy thought for us, send an email.  :-)

eMail for George and Marie: iplus007@yahoo.com

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(813) 930-9737

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