Hello From Jaimie

I am 9 years old and I have school at home. I like it better than the school like my friends go to. We go do all kinds of fun stuff. To start with I will tell you about my collections.

I have a small stamp collection. Most of my stamps are from other countries. I have a lot from Grenada. I have a special set of Disney stamps from Grenada that are in mint condition. They are my favourite ones. But I have a lot of others, too.

I have a collection of different badges. When we go somewhere like Marineland or Washington, D.C., I get a badge for a souvenir and sew it onto my camping blanket. I also get pins or buttons from those places to put on my camping hat.

But my most special and favourite collection is my flag collection. I get flags from all over the world. I like to learn about all the different places there are. I hope I get to travel to some of those places when I am older, too. All of my flags come from that country. I mean my Saudi Arabia flag came from Saudi Arabia and not from the flag shop on Clifton Hill. Here they are:

Dominican Republic
United States
Saudi Arabia
New Zealand
United Kingdom



If I do not have a flag from your country, I would sure like one. If you would like to trade your country's flag for either a Canada flag or USA flag, or just like to help me add to my collection, please leave a message in the guestbook (you may leave a private message if you like) and I will get back in touch with you.

I am also trying to collect state flags of the US and provincial flags of Canada. If you would like to help me collect those, I would sure like that, as well. I will swap a flag with whomever sends me one.

What Else Can I See?

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