Hi, from Misha.

I live in Niagara Falls in Canada. I like to go see the falls. One day I will get to go on the boats that go to see the falls. I just came back from visiting a farm. It was a lot of fun. We fed the animals and played on the tractor. The toilet was not a regular kind. It was a compost toilet. The farm was a compost farm. I want to go back again one day.
Hi, from Kestin.

I love things like bulldozers, backhoe loaders, and excavators. I had fun at the farm. The turkeys sounded funny when they gobbled! I like to watch Teletubbies and Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood on TV.

Some places we like to go.

Arthur the Aardvark: PBS's site
Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood: PBS's site
The Magic School Bus: Scholastic's site
Dudley the Dragon: YTV's site
Bananas In Pyjamas: YTV's site
P.J. Katie's Farm: YTV's site
Big Comfy Couch: YTV's site

What Else Can I See?

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