On the Lake by Misha (age 3)

I died on the lake and I couldn't see my father. He saw me in the water, floating down the falls. He couldn't jump in because he didn't want to die. I didn't want to die either, but no one could help me. I was sad. I just floated in the water.

Who Am I? by Misha (age 3)

Where am I?  Am I in the jungle?
I don't know what I am.  Am I an animal?  Am I a person?  
My mother doesn't know what I am.
I found someone who knew what I was.  
I did not know his name.
I know where I come from.  
I can swing around, dance around and do anything I want.  
I grow berries on my tree. 

Lionel and Tiber by Misha (age 3)

Once there was a lion named Lionel and a tiger named Tiber. They were both in the circus. They liked doing tricks. Tiber liked jumping through the hoop the best.

One day Tiber got sick. Lionel came to visit. Lionel saw Tiber was sick so Lionel took Tiber to the doctor. The doctor gave Lionel some medicine for Tiber.

Lionel took Tiber home and put him in bed and gave him his medicine. Lionel stayed beside Tiber while he slept and rubbed his hair to make him sleep well. When Tiber vomited, Lionel cleaned it up. Lionel made food and drinks for Tiber. Lionel sang to Tiber and told him stories when he was awake.

After three days Tiber got well. That night Tiber got to jump through the hoop at the circus.

Misha and Kestin by Misha (age 3)

One day Kestin and I wanted to go to the jungle. We went to the woods instead.

In the woods we found a castle. We went to the door and we knocked. The queen inside said, "Who is it?"

I said, "It is Misha and Kestin. May we come in?"

The queen said, "Who?"

I said, "Misha and Kestin."

The queen said, "Misha and Kestin are not here."

What Else Can I See?

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