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Just the Facts

Remember when you were a rabid pre-teen and you just had to know every little detail about your favorite star? Maybe not, but it's good clean fun. I think vital statistics are great and you should too.

Name: Henry Jackson Thomas

Birthdate: I say it's September 8, 1971 (though others like the 9th).

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Parents: Father named Butch a.k.a. Henry Sr., age 60. Works for Sony Electronics. Mother named Carolyn, age unknown. In 1984 was referred to as a housewife, in 1995 as a writer. Henry is their only child and chooses to live on a ranch on their property (though he does have an L.A. apartment). -- Current in '95, update the details per your imagination.

Height: 6 foot nothing

Weight: 167 pounds

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes: They're probably hazel. "Seventeen" mentioned his "big brown eyes" and that's just a flat out lie.

Hobbies: Singin' and songwritin'. Used to play in an Irish-influenced band, Raindogs. A while back he switched canines and dubbed his troop The Blueheelers. I also know that he fancies himself a history buff with a celtic bent. I would not be one bit surprised if he was affiliated with S.C.A. (That's The Society for Creative Anachronism. Maybe they only flourish in the Northwest. If you're not familiar, they're the kooks who have gatherings in public places and wear period costumes and fence and make chain-mail for fun. They drink home-brewed concoctions and call it mead. If they see you laughing at them in a park they will call you a "mundane". If I know too much, it's only because I used to work with quite a few members).

Education: Attended the scary Texas A&M, and Blinn Junior College in Brenham, TX (I hear there's good ice cream there--the city, not the college cafeteria). In 1995 they had 8,715 students enrolled and instate tuition was a mere $713 (maybe Henry could help me with my student loan payments). One of the school's activities is called "Blinnfest". I'd like to know more about that one.