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Hi! I'm Marie. My sister and I finally made this page! We'll guide you through our beloved site. Still under construction, though.

Ria here! Feel free to browse around. Comments and suggestions are most welcome. Just e-mail us! We update a lot so, check constantly.

Character Information - Know my best friends and my dear darling, my best pairs and who they are.

 Synopsis of YYH - Know what YYH is all about. It's just a short summary of the YYH I watch on TV.

Poll Page- Vote for your favorite YYH Pair.

The Image Gallery - This page contains images that interest us. And when we say interesting, we mean it!

The Fan Art Gallery - Warning! Page contains our absurdity. You just might have too much fun!

The Links Page - Like my YYH Page? You'll adore these! Don't like my YYH Page much? Get out, then!

Now, for our pride and joy, our ever-adorable, non-yaoi, Hiei... I mean, FANFICS! Click on Hiei to go to our Fan Fiction Menu.


Below is the color code. The color represents the person talking. We suggest you open another browser and leave this browser open. You'll need this table because most of our pages use them.

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"Yu Yu Hakusho" is copyrighted under the name of Yoshihiro Togashi. This means that this Anime is not mine for I am only a fan. "Marie & Ria", on the other hand, was created especially for our homepage by my sister and me. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL ADVANTAGE. If you like to use some of our images, please e-mail us and we might work something out. (We're not that difficult to talk to) ^_^