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The purpose of this webpage is to give the genealogist, or perhaps just the curious, a glimpse into the far distant past of the City of St. Louis. Some of these lists are taken from GOULD'S ST. LOUIS DIRECTORY and EDWARDS' ST. LOUIS DIRECTORY. Beggars cannot be choosers so I've had to take from years that were available.

Some lists that are featured here have been donated and I've tried my best to give credit to those who have done the actual work. So far the lists available are:

List Name Year
Academies 1872
Asylums 1870
Bakers 1904
Barbers, A thru H 1879
Brewers 1885
Brewers 1905
Churches 1872
Churches 1897
Cemeteries 1864
Cemeteries 1870
Cemeteries 1872
Cemeteries 1884
Cemeteries 1897
Cemeteries 1997
Convents 1872
Ferries and Ferry Landings 1873
Headstones -
Calvary Cemetery
A thru Z
Headstones -
Old & New Picker's Cemetery
A thru Z
Headstones -
Friedens Cemetery
A thru Z
Hospitals 1870
Hospitals 1873
Justices of the Peace 1873
Livery Stables 1895
Medical Colleges 1895
Metropolitan Police Department 1885
Newspapers 1895
Newspapers & Publications on Microfilm at the St. Louis Public Library 1808 to Now
Public Institutions 1885
Public Institutions 1900
Schools, Colleges and Academies 1929
Steamboats 1929
Statistics of St. Louis 1927
Streets 1870
Streets 1900
St. Louis & Missouri Records Where To Write
Undertakers 1895
Undertakers 1904
Ward Boundaries 1870
Ward Boundaries 1880
Ward Boundaries 1900
Wooden Shoe Makers 1875

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Future lists are planned, so please check back soon! If these lists have been a help to you, please let me know by signing my Guestbook.
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