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Hi folks! We're back after a looong absence. Jade and I have been all over the place but have finally settled down for a bit! Please do not use the e-mail links here - they won't reach us - we've changed e-mail! But we'll have it updated by the end of August 2006. In the mean time, all the tests, etc., still work (response forms don't go to anyone here though - still changing e-mails addys) - so enjoy the site. We'll be updating you as we go along. Thank you all for your longstanding support - over 90 thousand people have taken the Butch/Femme test since 1998! --Reb


For everyone who's been so very patient with us as we had to deal with real life over the past year, your patience has paid off. Watch this site over the next few weeks - we're dusting it off and adding a bunch of stuff. Really. We are!


The old stuff's all still here (use the menu above to access), but over time we'll be updating it all. Go to the top right corner as usual for the links to either the Butch Femme Test, the Lion/Lamb Test, or GIT IN THE TRUCK women's chat.

If you want a bi-weekly update of changes to the site, sign our guestbook (be sure to include your e-mail addy!).

Butch Femme Book

If you signed up with interest in the Butch/Femme book, our blessings be upon you and we still have your email. Unfortunately, the publishers out there are afraid of a book that could be this "niche marketed" (what? is the entire world a niche market??), so no bites yet, and the one that did almost bite chickened out. We may self-publish. Let us chew on that a bit and we'll be back with you! We ain't given up on this lil baby yet!

So Who Are WE?

We're Jade and Rebel ... yes those are nicknames but we like to keep some aura of mystery about us! There are some 400 pages on this site now - you can start your browsing by clicking anything in the left-hand menu. If you get lost, click on HOME above, or MAIN MENU at the bottom of any of the menu bars. Have fun!

Jade and Rebel

Marvin, Little Secret, and.. of course.. Fatkitty and BUZZY!

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Our fun and sane lil chat room for adult lesbians only.

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