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The serene_rebel Story

One day a poet logged onto a chatroom. She chose the name serene_rebel and prepared herself to explain to people that serenity and rebelliousness are not mutually exclusive terms. Mere days later, she met a man who understood that, understood her. They shared poetry, philosophy, and obscure '70s TV references, and became friends and partners.

Two months later, the poet and her new partner, 10spot, joined a networking website and began to meet writers from all over the planet. serene thought it would be great to get to know the writers better, and perhaps exchange their work in a workshop format. She figured she might be able to pull together five or six interested writers.

Wow, was she ever conservative in her estimate.

Thirty-three people responded to her first mailing, and the number had grown to more than fifty before a month was up. serene and 10 quickly realized that they had a concept on their hands, and serene created this website as an outlet for the writing with which she was soon being flooded.

Then the poet and her partner sat back and thought--waitaminnit! This could really BE something! Why not get serious, put up some editorial guidelines, and make a real quality publication out of this? And so that's what they've decided to do, and they hope you will join them for what promises to be a fascinating journey into the emerging literature of the twenty-first century.

Editorial Policy at serene_rebel Publications

First, and most importantly, the staff of serene_rebel Publications loves and respects writers. That's why you will not see any greeting-card poetry or lame rhyme schemes on our site. Sure, we have some talent that is still raw, but we embrace that, along with our role in bringing these writers' potential to the foreground.

The serene_rebel Writers' Circle website will feature two distinct sections: Our Writers, and Emerging Talent. The writing featured in Our Writers is of a level judged by us to be highly publishable, literary work. Emerging Talent is where you will find the newer writers, often, and work that is still in the formative stages. Both sections are vital to the fulfillment of serene_rebel Publications' mission.

And what is our mission? So glad you asked.

Our Mission

Our mission at serene_rebel Publications is threefold:

1) To nurture, support, and display quality writing by the netizens of the world.

2) To give writers a place to meet other writers, and to share their work and their experiences.

3) To give the serene_rebel staff an excuse for spending HUGE blocks of time sitting in their rocking chairs in front of their computers.