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Air Warrior Squadrons:

The Rat Pack :A group of scenario addicted dweebs that I hang out with dedicated to participation in the historical scenarios.

The Cutthroat's Mercenary Company :A squad who does not use country affiliation in the Air Warrior III arenas.  They go where they feel they are needed in the arenas in which they roam, helping as needed.. A must see at this site is the lecture series at The Cutthroat Mercenary Academy .

The Ghosts :A squadron who roams the arenas of Air Warrior with the change of every campaign.  A great group of guys.  Don't miss +HMR+'s page The Air Warrior Information Site , a stand-alone site by a member of the Ghosts loaded with AW plane info.

The Minutemen :A squad page with excellent Air Warrior info and links to other AW sites.  Many excellent non-Air Warrior links are included (such as links to driver updates, patriotic updates, graphics, etc).

Shillelagh Squadron :A Cland squadron who flies in both Relaxed Realism and Full Realism. There's a wealth of info in their intelligence section including tips for learning FR.  The Planes of Air Warrior is part of the Shill's domain, but stands on its own, giving historical backgrounds and stats as well as defining each planes role in AW.

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Air Warrior Pilots:
Grey Eagle  :A link to not only an Air Warrior pilot, but GE is the lead artist for Kesmai's Air Warrior.  His own art is found at this site (if you fly AW, you WILL recognize some of it).

The Flying Dutchman's Den :ABlander whose site has some good tips on stick scaling for Full Realism play as well as great screenshots.

Lone1's Dweeb Files  :A link to Lone1's website.  This site has some great help for getting your pc set for gameplay, links, and films. I owe massive thanks to Lone1 (AND -->TK, too!) for helping me sort through my videocard problems by way of newsgroup postings and getting me up and flying in 3D.

  +MIA's website :A link to +MIA's website.  +MIA is putting up some awesome pages documenting the happenings of the players of the Bigweek newsgroup.  Most notable is his documentation of Earl's memories and postings in Bigweek.  Earl is a WW2 vet who plays AW.

7Blue's Air Warrior Pages :A link to 7Blues's website.  7Blue's site has some really useful information on stick scaling, also information on Events in AirWarrior, and links to good ACM sites.

Rocketman's Air Warrior Webpage :Rocketman's site is legendary for its training info and films.

Wlvrn's Hanger :aBlander who has a good site that includes Air Combat Maneuvers, tactics to use in various planes as well as links to some great WW2 aviation art pages.  Wlvrn also hosts a html based squad message board system at The Ultimate Air Warrior Boards .

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Air Warrior Scenarios & Events:

Catch22Productions:A new group of pilot volunteers designing historical scenarios.  Their inaugural project was "Operation Husky" portraying the Invasion of Sicily.   "Invasion Italy" was their most current event.

The Futile Dweebs:A group of pilot volunteers who design historical scenarios.  Their first scenario was the first Relaxed Realism scenario in Gamestorm's history, "The Battle of LeyteGulf". "The Battle Of Midway", which ran in June and July, was their lastest endeavor.

The Scenario Aircraft Converter by the Kraits :If you fly in 3d and play in historical scenarios, the Kraits squad has developed art files that allow you to "re-skin" your planes with the scheme in which the aircraft would have been flown in combat. Terrain Conversions are also available.  Art differs for each scenario.  Screenshots with examples of the SAC are located on Fidd's Page.  A website offered Sqrl, has alternative terrain textures including a really neat euro hedgerow terrain:=) (Sqrl's AW3 Terrain's Textures Page ).
NEW by the Kraits The Air Warrior Sound Manager (K-AWSM) which utilizes the SAC frontend but instead of art, this program allows you to change sound effects in the game.

link 2/02/00
The Scenario Masters Guild  :A long standing group of pilot volunteers who organize historical scenarios.  Their newest scenario, Operation Cartwheel is a two phase event, with Phase 1 being complete and now a part of the annals of AWHistory.  The second phase will begin in 02/05/00.

link added 2/02/00.
Team Korea is a mix just plain scenario nuts who have come together to develop a scenario based on events that could have possibly occured  between UN forces and the PLA in Korea, 1951.  I'm proud to be serving at the UN XO for this scenario.  Registration for Korea '51 will begin on February 18, 2000 and the scenario will commence with 2 Beta Frames on March 26 & 27 at 3PM.  Frame 1 of this scenario is Sunday April 1 at 3PM.  For more details, visit the Korea '51 Website .

Warnights:Meant to be a cross between a historical scenario and arena play, warnights occur, oddly enough, on Saturday AFTERNOONS.  There are also EARLY Sunday morning Warnights to better serve Air Warriors who live in Europe (website:PacRim Warnights ).  In a warnight, you are usually given 3 planes versus the unlimited planes you have in arena play.  There is a start and stop time for scoring.

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Air Warrior Training & Help:
The Air Warrior Training Center :Gamestorm's official Air Warrior trainers reside here.  There are some great Air Combat Maneuver lectures by AWvets linked here and also the HTML version of Brooke's Air Combat Maneuvers manual.

Gamestorm's Official Air Warrior 3 Help :Frame rates bad?  Booted continuously?  I have never had a problem tech problem with the game that I couldn't solve here.  Beats me why it is so hard to find in GS.

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World War II Aviation/Historical Research Websites:
American Aircraft of World War II :A reference site loaded with photos, aircraft data and other information on WWII aircraft.

The Aviation History Webring :Approximately 60 websites are listed here that deal with civilian and military aircraft.

B-17 Flying Fortress: A Virtual Tour :A "tour" of the B-17 Flying Fortress.  Includes a Quicktime movie.

The B-17 Thunderbird :For the Buff fans out there, this is a link to the infamous B-17 Thunderbird flown by the Hell's Angels (303rd Bombardment Group).  This B-17 flew more missions than any other in WW2.

Earthstation1:A huge collection of WWII sounds and pictures of World War II Aircraft.  If you return to the main page, there is another huge collection of sounds and pictures dealing with happenings of the War.

The Hangar: An Aviation Encyclopedia  :This site has a slew of images and information on various World War II aircraft.

Heavy Bombers: The Resource for USAF Bombardment Groups in WW2:This site has information and resources on actual bomber groups that flew in WW2.  A good resource for the Air Warrior Scenario hound.

Historic Wings :Historic Wings is an online "magazine" intended for the WW2 aviation enthusiast.  Features change monthly.

Naval Airwar in the Pacific :One of the greatest World War II photo and art sites I have found on the web.  There are some amazing renderings of paintings of the Hellcat there as well as virtually all Navy based warbirds.

The Planes & Pilots of WW2 :A site loaded with articles on World War II pilots and their planes.  Also links to WW2 aviation art.

Planes Of Fame:The website of the The Air Museum Planes of Fame with museums based in Arizona and California. Images of aircraft displayed at the museum, restoration projects in progress, and various information are included at this site.

Soviet Women Pilots in the Great Patriotic War :Someone pointed this site out to me during the "KurskIV" scenario.  It appears the Soviets were way ahead of the U.S. concerning the issues of women during WW2.  This is an excellent site portraying the women pilots and their active role for the Soviets during WW2.

The U.S. Air Force Museum :Military aircraft of the past and of today.

Warbirds Resource Group :A three part site dedicated to the planes of the US, the Luftwaffe, and the restoration of World War II aircraft.

WASP On The Web :The official website of least known group of pilots of WWII, the Women Airforce Service Pilots.  At this site you will learn about the first U.S. women ever to be trained to fly military aircraft.  There are excerpts from logbooks, memoirs, even email addys of WASP veterans.

link added 2/02/00.
Web-Birds: Warbirds on the Web :A nice collection of WWII Unit histories as well as pics and stories from those who were "there".

The World War II Webring :A comprehensive list of over 350 WWII dedicated websites.  The sites I have visited here have ranged from memoirs of pilots to information on various battles.

Wings of World War II Magazine :A relatively new online "publication" that promises to bring monthly info on WW2 aircraft.

Zeno's Drive-in :Using Real Audio, you may view training films and other historical films at this site (If you don't have Real Audio, no problem, Zeno has a link up to that plug-in.  Its really easy to download and install).  Some really neat footage can be found at Zeno's (including a training films that Hellcat pilots viewed before upping the cat).

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Scale Models From Soda Cans :Heck, I didn't know WHERE to put this link, but I thought it so odd that I HAD to include it.  This is NOT the typical popcan airplane you see at the local Flea Market.  These things look GOOD!  Now, anyone who knows me in the Real World knows that hubby doesn't let me keep sharp objects in the house (No, he's not scared I'll pull the crazy wife routine, but I am the world's biggest KLUTZ), but he soon may be making me a soda pop Cat <Grin>.

Paper Paradise :Another link to something that fits NOWHERE!  These are absolutely the kewlest paper airplanes one can make (These ain't your schoolhouse, fold the paper, fling 'em at the teacher thingies!).  They look amazingly realistic.

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