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Air Warrior III is online World War II flight sim by Kesmai and played through Gamestorm.  The game simulates air combat in real time against real, live players who are logged onto Gamestorm around the world.
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Click on the thumbnails to see screenshots of the cockpit and pilot's view of the F6F. 
Arena game play centers around a three country air war in which the countries of A, B, and C dogfight and bomb each other into oblivion and/or off the map using accurately modeled simulated WW2 aircraft.  Plane sets depend upon the theater of operations in which you choose to fly, Europe or Pacific (with exception of the Big Pac arena which has both the Euro and the Pac plane sets enabled).  One can choose to fly in Relaxed Realism arenas (RR meaning stalls, spins, and blackouts are turned off at the host) or in Full Realism arenas (FR meaning all effects are enabled).  Friendships form in the arenas and the game is designed to allow players to form squadrons that can be as tightly run as the participants choose.  Pilots can join established squads (some of which date back to the original DOS AW), start their own squads, or remain "freelance" players.  No matter the country or squad affiliation, the AW pilot becomes a part of the game that keeps everyone coming back: The Community.

Kesmai allows and encourages player designed Historical Scenarios in which actual air battles of WW2 are recreated and fought by the pilots of Air Warrior.  Participants of the scenarios sign up for these events weeks prior to the actual "frame" play and offers the WW2 enthusiast a historical and organized option that is different from the open melee, "fly as and what you wish" atmosphere found in arena. Most typically, the Historical Scenario is flown in Full Realism.

I began flying Air Warrior for Windows on AOL in mid 1997 under various cpids. "Dawn" was "born" to Gamestorm in February 1998.  At that time, I flew in Air Warrior Classic's (Gamestorm's name for AW4W) RRPacific and there joined the Fire Dragons squad, a Cland squad that dated back to AOL AW4W, then known as the Black Dragons.  When Kesmai and Gamestorm introduced Air Warrior IIIwe moved to the newer game (which offered not only better graphics but more players and thus more "targets" to shoot at*G*) and settled in RRPac1 where we remained until the inception of the RRBigPac arena.  The Fire Dragons officially disbanded in June 1999 and although several of us regularly meet on Sunday nights for "squad night" the Dragons no longer rule the skies of Cland on a nightly basis.

For arena play I now fly in the Full Realism arenas, dying on a more regular basis than killing.  There I have joined The Groverats, a FR Cland squad.  We can be found flying the skies of the rotating new FR Melee arena (New Pac/ New Euro) or FRFightertown arena.

In late 1998, during The Battle of Leyte Gulf, I discovered the historical scenario and have participated regularly in these since.  In the scenarios, I fly with a core group of likewise scenario addicted "pile-its" which call ourselves The Rat Pack. Although in the arena I tend to be a fighter "jockette", I favor "buffdweeb"/bomber pile-it status in the scenarios.

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