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Moorings - The Trip Begins
Virgin Gorda
Fat Hog Bay
Cane Garden Bay
Soper's Hole
Peter & Cooper Islands
Underwater Shots


In May'95 a friend and I spent 10 days sailing in the British Virgin Islands.  Originally there were  8 people somewhat serious about the trip.   As time drew nearer most dropped out.  The last 2 of us were determined to go - we did and we had a wonderful time!

Sit back and follow the links on the left.  They are in somewhat of a chronological order.  Be for-warned, there are lots of pictures.   Hopefully the pages don't take too long to load.  As usual, click on the picture for a larger view.



 Click here to play some Island Music as you browse these pictures.  You will need RealPlayer 8 or RealOne.