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  • House Rules
    Here you can find many "home grown" rules and rules updated to Newer Editions of AD&D! Last updated: 4/29/99
  • Alternate Paladins
    Take a look at how Paladins of other alignments function. Last updated: 2/2/99
  • World of Karil
    The World of Karil: A cool custom world by Kevin Wilson with lots of custom rules. Last updated: 2/2/99
  • Web Site Index
    So many links! All of them categorized! Last updated: 2/2/99
  • OA Project
    We've got it all covered! Second Edition, Skills and Powers, Kara-Tur, classes, races come see what's cool in OA! Last updated: 2/2/99
  • My Web Page
    Come to my page to see other things in which I'm interested. My own screen savers including a South Park one), Top Software sites, my geneology (in the works), cool links, links to free stuff on the internet, and more to come! Last updated: 2/2/99
  • Web Rings I'm On! Last updated: 2/2/99

  • What's new?

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