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How to add AD&D News to your web site!

AD&D News is a free service brought to you by The Wandering Bard's Tavern web site. You need only to paste the code into your page. As with most free services, I'd like to ask that you please not change the code. In fact, changing the code could cause the news scroller not to work!

To add your own news you can email me by clicking here.

If you mail me your web page address I'll add you to my AD&D Web Site Index!

<!-- Begining of AD&D News Code -->
     <applet code=NewsTicker.class CODEBASE="" name NewsTicker width=120 height=150 >
     <param name=newsfile value="">
     <param name=x value=10>
     <param name=y value=25>
     <param name=cx value=90>
     <param name=cy value=114>
     <param name=background value="">
     <param name=bgcolor value="102,102,153">
     <param name=pause value="true">
     <br clear="both">
     <A HREF="">
     <IMG SRC="" BORDER=0 HEIGHT=23 WIDTH=112></A>
<!-- End of AD&D News Code -->

Here's what it'll look like on your site:

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Last Updated: 2.14.99
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