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Lord Eadric Originals!

Character Class Generation: (4/3/98) I found that the rules in the DMG were entirely too restrictive, so I adapted them to suit my own needs.
Perception: (3/23/98) I've updated the May 1988 article from DRAGON Magazine to 2nd Edition & Skills and Powers standards.
Perception Comments: (4/21/98) Heres all the comments I've recieved thus far about my adaptation of the perception ability score.

Sheryl Heil's Works

Sheryl (my girlfriend) has been gaming with me for over 5 year and with another gaming group for another 5 years before that. In that time, she's came up with some interesting ideas. I've began posting them here in hopes that she can receive some feedback. Feel free to mail them to me!
Pithea, the Goddess of Psionics (4/29/99) Sheryl created the goddess of psionics for our Realms Campaign.
Psionic Magic Items (4/29/99) She also has been dabbling in in the realm of psionic magic items.

Other's Works

Antipaladins: True evil at work.
Camo: A short snippet I found on rec.martial-arts about camoflage by Andrew Priestley.

Classless S&P: Complete rules for playing Skills and Powers without classes.

Compiled Proficiencies List

Converting 1st Edition Modules to 2nd Edition

Hammurabi's Code of Laws: The frist written laws. An interesting look at ancient justice. Could be helpful in designing a justice system for your campaign world.

Here's an Untitled short story written by a friend of mine named C. Alan. Thomas. An exclusive for this site!

Ithmong: House rules for a campaignthat someone sent me. I can't remember who sent it, so if you're the one, please email me!

Medieval Price List This is a good price list of the actual cost of things in the medieval world.

Runes: Some great rules for runes and runic magic items.

Slinger: Adapted to AD&D rules by Aaron S Turpen from Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series, featuring the Gunslinger, (C) 1991 Stephen King.

Slivers: Of all hive creatures, slivers may indeed be the most dangerous of them all. Living within the bowls of the earth itself, these creatures roam the underdark at will and are one of the scourges that even the drow dread to speak of.

Swashbuckler: A decent class written by Nancy McCaskey.

The Great Net Equipment List

The Net Book of Half-Elves

The World of Karil by Kevin Wilson. This campaign world is great! Check it out! Another exclusive for this site!

Wounded and Weary Alternate Hit Point stystem by Michael Rudge and Crispin Bateman.

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Last Updated: 4.29.99
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