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updated : June 10, 1999
  Welcome to the Wielt family genealogy research home site. This site is a compilation of   results of research into different branches of our family. We are continually searching our roots and attempt to maintain this site as current as possible. Please visit the various pages of this site and feel free to contact us with your comments and or questions. We certainly appreciate information you might have should you feel it applies to the families included on this site. Let us know as well as if you locate any data on this site that you might like further information on.


     Table of Contents
        new51.gif (3972 bytes)            tree1.gif (2013 bytes) Tate Descendants
        new51.gif (3972 bytes) tree1.gif (2013 bytes) Calhoun Descendants
tree1.gif (2013 bytes) Wielt Descendants
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Willis  Descendants

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Canter  Descendants

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Cook  Descendants

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Boddy  Descendants

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Sneed  Descendants

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About Me

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Email Me

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Census Extracts


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