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Welcome to the Buchanan Genealogy

Highlights will be shared on our Buchanan Clan from History to Modern day especially a documentation of dates among the Buchanan Family tree. Our original trace on John Buchanan would take us back to early 1800's in Loch Lomond, Scotland. He was a young man leaving Scotland and on his way to the new world. He had chosen his homeland in Prince Edward Island and started sowing his family roots. Buchanan family had expanded over time especially from a legacy of John Buchanan.

I have come to believe that researching one's genealogy is like putting together a multi-piece puzzle. You begin with a few names, dates, and places and find more names, dates and places, which leads you to more information. As each piece fits into place the puzzle picture becomes clearer, but it often is still incomplete.

My hope that by putting these reports on this site that they might provide others with clues to their research and add clues to mine.

This page would not exist without the collaboration of family members and a number of researchers I have been lucky enough to come in contact with through the Internet:


John came from Loch Lomond, Scotland (unknown date of arrival or age) He married Isabella McIntosh on the day of August 26, 1852 by Banns..Malcolm Ross in North River, Prince Edward Island.
 I was told that John was killed around at the age of 29 by a horse on his farm... (died before January 5, 1866)..and was buried in unknown grave behind his farm or unmarked grave in cemetery.

John Buchanan and Isabella McIntosh Marriage Certificate

Isabella was born in 1832 and died in January 4, 1906 at the age of 74. Buried in Clyde River. Lot 31/stone 95.. see obituary

They had six children.. Sarah, Malcolm, Euphemia, Mary, Anthony and Christina. (see photo)


Sarah,born in PEI - abt. 1853 - died May 6, 1893 , age 40
Married to John McKinnon on December 20, 1875
Had 5 children - Annie, Minnie, John Henry "Harry", Florence (Ella) and Sarah "Mary".

See Sarah's and Florence (Ella)'s tombstone

Dates and Births of Sarah and John's

Malcolm,born in PEI - February 5, 1856 and died 1937 (never married)

Occupation: a farmer

Malcolm's tombstone


Euphemia,born in PEI -1856 and died September 27, 1947
(never married)
 see obituary

She had been in Massachusetts for sometimes working as a house cleaner/care. She took care of Bessie May Russ. Daughter of Mary Buchanan and John Russ. She was known as "Great Aunt Phemia".

Occupation: homecare.
Had a dog name "Jack"

Phemia's tombstone


Mary,born in PEI - 1860 and died July 19,1891 in Massachusetts.
She married to a John H. Russ from Sackville, NB and had 3 children. Robert Huen, Flossie I. and Bessie May.

Dates and Births of Mary and John's

Anthony,born in PEI - January 11, 1861 and died August 16, 1938
(married to Jane Docherty and had 9 children - Jack, Fred, Sarah, William, Minnie, Roland, Euphemia, Maggie Bell and Hazel.)

Dates and Births of Anthony's and Jane's

Occupation: A farmer also according to national archives post office data base, Anthony was a postmaster at Elmwood post office from its opening Sept 1, 1895 til its closing Dec. 6, 1913.

Photo of Anthony and Jane , Anthony and Jane's tombstone


Christina,born in PEI, February 25, 1866 - died February 15, 1926 in Medford, Massachusetts (married to Frederick Green and had 4 children, Sadie Mae, Marion F, Alfred B. and Florence J )

Christina died at Rutland State Sanatorium, Rutland, Mass at 2:30 am ...age 59 years .. Cause of death: Pulmonary tuberculoses.

Occupation: Practical nurse

Dates and Births of Christina and Frederick's

Tombstones at Oak Grove Cemetery, Boston Mass.

Photos from Christina's great granddaughter from USA

Ancestors of Christina Buchanan by June McLennan and Bev Berney.

From June MacLennan - Since Loch Lomond is surrounded by the counties of Dunbartonshire, Stirlingshire and Argyleshire and there are numerous John Buchanan's to be found born in this time period, he would probably have been in the 1841 Scottish census, but since his exact location is unknown, he and his remaining family are impossible to trace back any further in time. If daughter Christina's year of birth is correct, John would have presumably died sometime in 1865 , since Isabella remarried on Jan 5, 1866. Based on his supposed age of 29 at his death, he would have been born 1835/1836. John and Isabella married in 1852, so based on these dates, it appears John would have been quiet young (about 17) when he and Isabella married, which doesn't seem possible. The mystery of John continues!

Isabella Buchanan (McIntosh) remarried to Donald MacPhee. They had 6 more children.(John, James, Jane, Daniel, Catherine and William MacPhee)   A MacPhee Family of Lot 67 - by Bev Berney

Donald MacPhee was born May 1, 1845 in PEI, and died February 12, 1914 in Elmwood, PEI .

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