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And then theres love. I want you to love to the tips of your fingers and when you find that love wherever you find it, who ever you choose don't run away from it. But you don't have to chase it either. You just be patient and it will come to you I promise and when you least it expect it, like you, like spending the best year of my life with the sweetest and smartest and the most beautiful baby in the world. You don't be afraid sweetheart and remember to love is to live

I like that you ramble when you're nervous, I like that I know that you ramble when you're nervous, and I like that I still make you nervous

You're allowed to break the rules when you want someone bad enough.

There are few things sadder in life then watching someone walk away after they left you. Watching the distance between your bodies expand until there is nothing left but empty space and silence. ~ Someone Like You

It always seems just as soon as things are going good...just as soon as life takes a turn for the best...everything goes wrong...gets lost, and confused and all messed up...and then you crash...and just have to sit there, 'cause you don't have the strength to get up...'cause now someone else has come into the picture...and taken your place in a heartbeat...and now there is nothing you can do

I swear guys know how to get you to cloud nine and then they take away your wings expecting you to be able to still fly

He can be so nice, then so mean... He can care and protect, make you laugh, and at the same time play games with your head And after he's done with that, he'll tear your heart out, rip it in to the smallest fragments known to man and leave it on the floor, while all you can do is stand there, not being able to cry because you're so numb, because you thought that there was something there, when really there was nothing but a wayward boy out to break a poor girls fragile heart, because he didnt know what he wanted.

I live on a little planet called reality, where things like that don't happen. ~Bed of Roses

Letting go of you hurts way too much. I use to feel that by letting go, I was just giving up and wasted all that time. But now I realize how much I'll lose if I just keep holding on to something that never was, and will never be mine

My world crumbles, everything falls around me and I stand alone, I cry alone, I search alone for something I can never find. But this still doesnt compare to what it felt like to loose you

Most of the time I think I'm over you, but then there are some days when I hear her talking about you and that little pang of jealousy tugs at my heart all day

Sometimes you don't realize you care for someone, until they stop caring for you

This is our last's over, just hear this and then I'll go; you gave me more to live for then you'll ever know

Sometimes, it's the things that don't hurt at all that make you cry

And so it finally happened. My poor, twelve-year-old heart finally crumbled into a little pile of dust and blew away. It was over. I was never going to get her back. It was time for a little self-respect. It was time to let go. Time to move on.* - The Wonder Years

I figured out what I'm going to do. I'm going to wait forever if I have to. I just don't think I could live with myself if I give up what we have-no matter how much hurt you've caused me. Fate brought us together, Fate split us up. I have faith that fate will bring us back together again. I just hope you feel the same

No matter what you do to me, I'm still here. For some odd reason, I stick around and put up with all your mood swings and unkind words. I just let your comments roll off me into a puddle on the floor. I make up excuses on why you didn't call try to think of all the answers. I keep going back for more even though sometimes you push me away. I don't know if I can do better, but do I really want to? You're quick to push me down when all I want is to be brought up. When I walk out for good, when I really gain the strength I need then maybe you will see. Maybe you can look back and say, "Wow that girl really did love me.

I like him so much that it hurts to see him hurt me not because it's me, but because he's not the person I thought he was

In this weird way I know you miss me. Not because of what we did or what we said but for what we didnt have to say. All the times we "just knew." I miss you too and the sad thing is I know you'll never find someone who cares for you as much as me

When your heart gets broken, you tend to see cracks in everything else

We were meant to be boy, there's no doubt. And if it takes the rest of my life for you to figure it out, I'll breathe in, and breathe out, put one foot in front of the other, take one day at a time, till you find I'm that someone you can't live without, but until then, I breathe in, and breathe out

Have you ever loved someone but know they didn't care, try to fight it out of your heart, but have them still be there. Have you ever tried your hardest to love someone else, but when you fall asleep and dream, it's them they're all about. Have you ever cried so much because they're always on your mind, and everyday you think of them and if their love you'll find. Have you ever loved so much but know that it's all wrong, tried to fool your feelings for them yet your love for them goes on?

Youll change your mind and call my name, soon as you find they're all the same. And when you find yourself all alone... don't come crying back, you should have known.

It's important to know when to let go of someone who only brings you down

Hate me now so I can move on; make it easier for me to see that you're gone

Theres still a part of me that want to take you back in my arms like it used to be, but I've changed

I get hurt being with you, yet I get hurt being without you. All I can do is stay with you because no matter how much pain you give me, I'll be right beside you, tearing myself apart from the things that make me hurt.

I know that I can be cold sometimes; there was snow on the ground when I was born and the stars didn't shine that night...

Sometimes I just can't ignore the way I feel when I see you smile.

Nothing that makes sense ever works out.

I don't know a thing about anything that I'm saying; all I know is my heart is for you.

I'm sorry if I made you cry, I'm sorry if tears fell from your eyes, for that is not at all what I intended to do. But just remember, for every tear that falls from your eye, from mine fall two.

If I told you this was killing me, would you stop?

I'd give anything to make it like before, to make you love me like you used to, make you love me more. 

Am I strung out, crazy, or not allowed to be the one who gets stupid over you.

Its only love that stops you from walking out the door. Tears fall somewhere close to remorse sometimes....

I wish you could put your ear up to my heart and hear how much I love you.

If I had another last chance and we met again for the first time, I would listen to your heart. I would start back at the start; there are things I'd like to say, so many things I'd like to change.

I'm sorry that you weren't meant for me I guess that it just wasn't meant to be; I quit pretending you were in love with me.

I really want to call you but I know it's not right. I probably shouldn't tell you, but I dreamed of you last night.

No reason to stay is a good reason to go.

Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in awhile, so that we can see life with a clearer view again.

I was thinking about you last night. I was thinking how wonderful it would be if you were thinking of me too. But then I realized, you weren't thinking of me, you were thinking of her. Yet, just like me, you were wondering if she was thinking of you. Maybe she was, maybe she wasn't. But I do know one thing, if even for the slightest moment you thought of me, we would be thinking of each other, because I cant keep you off my mind.

I don't want the world; I just want your half.

Once I swore I would die for you, but I never meant like this.

They say misery loves company, but isnt there something else we can share?

Be still sad heart, and cease repining behind the clouds, the sun is shining. Thy fate is the common fate of all. Into each life some rain must fall.

I've learned that it is impossible to laugh when you're so much closer to crying, that tears can be hidden if you try, and that the roles we play for each other without a crowd could win more academy awards than the screens will ever know.

If a June night could talk, it would boast that it invented romance.

Give me a whisper, give me a sigh, give me a kiss before you tell me goodbye; And please remember, that I never lied, and please remember how I felt inside. 

Learn to think before you speak and you just might make a point.

I don't want to live in my broken dreams of you.

You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. 

There is something about the way I feel after I look into your eyes that gets me thinking, is there something between us or am I just dreaming?

You could be waiting for a day that won't come.

And just because no one thought I could, I did. 

Labelling literature and movies as adult, would be all right if adult meant the maturing of judgment, instead of just the passage of years.

In this age, which believes there is a shortcut to everything, the greatest lesson to be learned is that the most difficult way is, in the long run, the easiest.

The one you let slip away, will be the one you always want.

Frustration gets the best of me so I don't speak coherently. We are taught to go along. We need to figure out what might be wrong. You ought to know you can be inches from life and never live at all.

If I had a dime for every time you walked away, I could afford not to give a shit, and buy a drink to drown the day. 

Still to this day, I see your picture and wonder why we ever lost what we had, because you were my sun, my moon, my stars, and, you were my smile. Now that you're gone, I still have the sun, the moon, and the stars, but what I don't have, is the smile.

There are times I feel so angry, I'd put my fist right through the wall, then there's times I've come so close to giving you a call. I love you and I hate you, all at the same time. I pray that you'll come back to me, before I lose my mind.

I try to smile so the hurt won't show. Tell everybody, I was glad to see you go. But the tears just won't go away. Loneliness found me, looks like it's here to stay.

I wonder what you look like under your t-shirt. I wonder what you sound like when you're not wearing words. I wonder what we have when we're not pretending.

None of those other things make a difference. Love is the strongest think in the world, you know. Nothing can touch it. Nothing comes close. If we love each other, we're safe from it all. Love is the biggest thing there is.

I just wonder how many people never get the one they want, and end up with the one they're supposed to have.

...But watching stars without soul cried...

...And your hand looks so nice in mine.

Time goes by so slowly...and time can do so much...are you still mine?

No more crying. I can't cry anymore. Don't take my hand this time. Just go please, and don't look back, because I know if you did, I would come running back to you.

Before you leave, promise me one thing. That you won't forget what we had. Because, it was special. I know it was. And if I could go back in time, you know I would go back to you.

Take a chance on me again. I'll try and make it right, but I won't hear another lie tonight...

The difference between love and regrets is that regrets may stay around forever.

It's your life live it however you want to.

It is easier not to say anything. Shut your trap; button your lip, can it. All that crap you hear on TV about communication and expressing feelings is a lie. Nobody really wants to hear what you have to say.
-Speak A whisper is the fastest way to spread a secret.

If you can't learn to laugh at yourself, someone else eventually will and you won't enjoy it nearly as much.

Everyone winds up kissing the wrong person goodnight.

I want you to need me like the air you breathe. I want you to need me, need me like I need you.

And if I'm not the one you want maybe I'll be the one you need.

When somebody loves you, it's not good unless he loves you all the way.

I apologize if I never told you what you were in my eyes.

I need a map of you head; translated into English so I can learn to not make you frown.


You know somebody and they cry for you, they stay awake at night and dream of you. I bet you never even knew they do, but somebody's crying.

I want to call you up cause in the end, I keep writing letters to my garbage can. 

Can't forget the things you never said.

You said we would be better of staying just friends, I'm sorry but I don't feel like I am better off at all.

I used to wait for you every day outside your class, by the phone. Then one day I got tired of waiting and hoped you would wait for me, but you didn't. You just let me walk away without a fight...and that's what hurts the most. I knew I would have waited and fought for you forever.

You know, I used to spend every day thinking about you and dreaming about you. And every time you walked by I lost myself, do you know what that feels like? No, you couldn't possibly know what it feels like to have that person not have the same feelings back. Look, I'm sorry if you miss the way I looked at you, but I don't miss the way you never looked at me.

The most important things are the hardest things to say. They are the things you get ashamed of, because words diminish them- words shrink things that seemed limitless when they were in your head to no more than living size when they're brought out. But it's more than that, isn't it? The most important things lie too close to wherever your secret heart is buried, like landmarks to a treasure your enemies would love to steal away. And you may make revelations that cost you dearly only to have people look at you in a funny way, not understanding what you've said at all, or why you thought it was so important that you almost cried while you were saying it. That's the worst I think. When the secret stays locked within not for a want of a teller but for an ear. 


The hardest thing I'll ever do is walk away still loving you.

More than angry words I hate this silence. It's getting so loud.

Just because you don't see tears on the outside doesn't mean they aren't pouring on the inside.

Whenever I feel like I'm okay with letting go, there's always something there to remind me of why I shouldn't.

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