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The Traveling Caravan
Caravan Hound Preservation Society International

CHPSI's quarterly newsletter,
"The Traveling Caravan"

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Information about "The Traveling Caravan" and about membership.

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I am a young man from Canada, and have a great love for all canines. My grand-father who lives in India would like to own a Caravan (young female), preferably sand w/ black mask, and start breeding them. We also have hunt type Dachshunds. Contact: bedouinhound@yahoo.ca

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The world's only journal dedicated to the Caravan hound breed.

To subscribe, contact the secretary. Membership forms are always avaliable! Or, print one out yourself at our On-line printable membership application form page.

Membership is: $7 (US.) for international membership, $9 (US.) for family membership, $7 (US.) for single membership, and $9 (US.) for an Indian membership.

The Traveling Caravan, our quarterly newsletter comes out in winter, spring, summer and fall each year. It is, of rather poor quality in terms of the photos as it is photocopied, but otherwise in terms of text, it is very informative.

Articles concerning Caravan hounds:

"Caravan Hounds: Maharashtrian Sighthounds", by Neil Trilokekar
"India's native sighthound breeds", by Neil Trilokekar
"Caravan Hounds", by Nawab Nazeer Yar Jung
"The Caravan Hound", by the KCI
"In the love for Indian Canines", by Himanshu Gupte
"A sighthound of the Tropics", by Neil Trilokekar
"Sloughi India", by Himanshu Gupte

"Preserving the hound in it's natural form, as a hunting sighthound."

The Caravan Hound ... a breed disappearing into the mists of time ?

This is a pamphlet that we have put togeather, it is avaliable for a charge of $1 (US.) for color copies. It is also avaliable in our complete info pack, which includes:
breed history
breed characteristics
standard (when avaliable)
membership application
hound registration form
code of ethics
sample issue of "The Traveling Caravan"

- this info pack is avaliable for a charge of $4 (US.) and some parts may be color, and some are photocopied.

Rates for advertising in "The Traveling Caravan" (cnd.$):
Classified: FREE
Quarter page: $2
Half page: $4
Full Page: $6
*Note: Photographs for Quarter, Half and Full pages must be clear copies, or originals, printed or photocopied photos have poor reproductive capabilities.