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Caravan Hound Preservation Society International

Caravan Hounds, a breed similar to the Sloughi and smooth Saluki, but not nearly as popular ... this is a real rare gem!

The Caravan hounds are a rare breed of sighthounds. They originate in India, particularly the regions of southern Maharashtra and northern Karnataka.
It closely resembles the North African Sloughi (Slooghe) and the Middle-eastern smooth Saluki (Saluqi), but it has the exact grace and the gait of a Malian Azawakh (O-za-wak). It is a long dog, similar to a Sloughi, but, like a Saluki or Azawakh, is lighter and less heavily boned . In size it is as tall as a Sloughi, and in weight it is closest to the Saluki.
The most common colors are red, beige, cream, fawn or brindle with or without black masks ears and tail tips or small white Irish markings as seen in an Azawakh.

The Caravan Hound Preservation Society International, was formed to preserve this breed IN IT'S NATURAL FORM AS A HUNTING SIGHTHOUND.
This site includes a page with the history of this great breed and the CHPSI. It also has pages about the quarterly newsletter "The Traveling Caravan" and a contact page.

"Driven to preserve the hound in it's natural form, as a true hunting sighthound."

To ensure the survival of this elegant breed for many years to come, in it's natural form.

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