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Printable CHPSI Membership Application
Caravan Hound Preservation Society International

CHPSI On-Line Printable membership application

The following is a membership application for the CHPSI, it may be printed, filled out and sent to the address stated. If you are not able to print out this form, please contact the secretary.

Membership Application Form

Please print
Mail application (completed) back to:
Denise Como (sec. CHPSI)
Kukkuripa Rampuri
PO Box 137
Cassville, NJ
USA 08527-0137

Membership fees (US$):
Family (2 votes): $9
Single (1 vote): $7
Foreign (1 vote): $7
Indian member (2 votes): $9

City:_____________________ State/Province:__________________
Zip/Postal code:_____________________ Phone:________________
email address:___________________________
I presently own ___ Caravan Hound/s.
Indicate number of: ___Show Quality ___Breeding Quality ___Pet Quality ___Dog/s (M) ___Bitch/es (F) Colors: ___fawn ___red ___gold ___creme ___Irish marked ___white ___black ___mouse gery ___slate grey ___brindle

Kennel name (if appropriate):_______________________________
Other information of interest:______________________________

Membership includes Club's quarterly newsletter, The Traveling Caravan

I hereby apply to the Caravan Hound Preservation Society International (CHPSI) for membership. I agree and abide by its rules and by-laws. In addition I will only follow the ORIGINAL breed definitions for Caravans as by the KENNEL CLUB OF INDIA (KCI) and keep in mind this breeds ORIGINAL PURPOSE as a rugged hunting sighthound.

Signed:______________________ (Individual) Date:___/___/___
Signed:______________________ Signed family:________________
Please mail this application along with your check made payable to Denise Como.

Enter my name in the following directories: ___members ___champions ___studs ___breeders
Can copies of your records be shared with other members? ___yes ___no
My interests are: ___breeder ___handler ___judge ___pet owner ___conformation shows ___lure coursing ___open field coursing ___hunting ___agility ___obedience ___fancier

I would like to be a CHPSI representative/director for the state/province of: _____________________________