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DINKINS in Yadkin County, NC 1860
Transcribed by Verna Dinkins

1860 East Bend P.O., Yadkin County, North Carolina, Page 263B
189 189
Dinkins, Thos             M W 58 Farming --- 10 NC
Dinkins, Milly              F W 50                      NC
Dinkins, Fatina           F W 20                       NC
Dinkins, Joseph N     M W 12                        NC
Dinkins, Absey          F W 10                        NC

1860: Republic P.O., Yadkin County, North Carolina, Page 268B
264 253
Dinkins, J H                  M W 38 Hammerman --- 70 NC
Dinkins, Elizabeth         F W 32                              VA
Dinkins, Jesse F          M W 14                              NC
Dinkins, John K           M W 12                               NC
Dinkins, Thomas M      M W 10                               NC
Dinkins, Rebecca G      F W  9                               NC
Dinkins, Samuel H       M W  7                               NC
Dinkins, George W      M W  5                                NC
Dinkins, Martha E        F W  2                                NC

1860: Yadkinville P.O., Yadkin County, North Carolina, Page 273B
337 322
Speer, Saml               M W 82 Surveyor 75 300 NC
Dinkins, Caroline         F W 45         200 150     NC
Dinkins, Leroy            M W 24 Laborer              NC
Dinkins, James          M W 17 Laborer              NC
Dinkins, Amanda        F W 17                          NC
Dinkins, John            M W 16                           NC
Dinkins, Rachael        F W  8                            NC
Talbert, J R              M W 21 Sadler   --- 15       NC

1860: Yadkinville P.O.,Yadkin County, North Carolina, Page 274A
343 327
Dinkins, John       M W 26 Laborer --- 180 NC
Dinkins, Jenny      F W 24                       NC
Dinkins, Eliza       F W  6                        NC
Dinkins, Sarah      F W  3                       NC
Dinkins, Asa        M W  1                       NC

1860: Yadkinville P.O., Yadkin County, North Carolina, Page 281A
454 432
Dinkins, Chapman           M W 35 Laborer --- 50 NC
Dinkins, Jane                  F W 27                      NC
Dinkins, Mary                 F W  8                        NC
Reynolds, William         M W 46 Hatter              NC
Dinkins, Rachael P        F W  7/12                    NC
Reynolds, George         M W 18 Laborer            NC
Reynolds, Sarah J         F W 17 Domestic         NC
Reynolds, Daniel M      M W 12                        NC
Reynolds, William P     M W 11                        NC
Reynolds, John F         M W  6                         NC
Reynolds, Mary E         F W  5                         NC
Reynolds, James M     M W  3                         NC     

1860: Yadkinville P.O., Yadkin County, North Carolina, Page 322A
166 164
Dinkins, Samuel         M W 44 Farm Tenant --- 200 NC
Dinkins, Rachael         F W 41 Midwife                   NC
Dinkins, Mills             M W 24 Farm Laborer           NC
Dinkins, Samuel M     M W 24                               NC
Dinkins, William         M W 12                               NC
Dinkins, Mary             F W 27 Serving                    NC
Dinkins, Sally             F W 11                               NC 

1860: Yadkinville P.O., Yadkin County, North Carolina, Page 322B
172 170
Shores, John             M W 39 Farmer 1300 1132  NC
Shores, Lees?            F W 39 Domestic              NC
Shores, Henderson    M W 16 Farm Laborer         NC
Shores, Nathan         M W 15                              NC
Shores, John            M W 14                              NC
Shores, Jane            F W 11 (Twin)                     NC
Shores, Margaret      F W 11 (Twin)                     NC
Shores, Sally           F W 10                               NC
Shores, Isaac          M W  8                               NC
Shores, Elizabeth     F W  5                               NC
Dinkins, Belinda       F W 18 Servant                   NC 

1860: Yadkinville P.O., Yadkin County, North Carolina, Page 323A
176 173
Dinkins, William     M W 60 Farm Laborer --- 160 NC
Dinkins, Syntha      F W 52 Domestic                 NC
Dinkins, Nancy       F W 16                                NC
Dinkins, Sealy        F W 14                                NC

1860: Red Plains P.O., Yadkin County, North Carolina, Page 298A
706 606
Dinkins, Thomas       M W 28 Farm Laborer ---150 NC
Dinkins, Martha A      F W 25 Domestic               NC
Dinkins, Nathan W    M W  3                              NC
Dinkins, Newton        M W  2                              NC

1860: Red Plains P.O., Yadkin, North Carolina, Page 298A
714 613
Dinkins, Frank          M M 35 Farm Laborer --- 10 NC
Dinkins, Mahala         F - 27 Domestic                NC
Dinkins, John           M M 14                              NC
Dinkins, Martha        F M 13                              NC
Dinkins, Sarah         F M  7                                NC
Dinkins, Elizabeth    F M  6                                NC

1860: Huntsville P.O., Yadkin County, North Carolina, Page 314B
55 51
Dinkins, Sally         F W 30 Washerwoman         NC 
Dinkins, Manda      F W 14                                NC 
Dinkins, Mary A     F W 12                                NC
Dinkins, Rachel      F W  5                                 NC
Dinkins, Belinda     F W  3                                 NC