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I have just finished reading OTHER MOTHER'S SECRET, a book written by Glenda Dinkins and co-authored by her husband, Gerald Dinkins. This book is written in narrative form from recollections of Laura Kiger Dinkins and goes into detail about how she met and married Bob Dinkins, their life together, and their children. She also talks of other members of the Dinkins family, including Ace Dinkins. The book also includes an account of the courting days of young Gerald and Glenda, continues into their married life together, and their special realationships with the other Dinkins family members. The book is 107 pages and contains family photos and hand drawn pictures of some of the old places in Yadkin.  For anyone related to or researching the Dinkins of Yadkin County, North Carolina, this is a "must-read" book. It will hold your attention from beginning to end.
At this time, May 2009, this book has not been made public. Note that the link on the sidebar does not work anymore. I just haven't figured out how to remove it yet.
Please excuse me while I am updating my family site. This may take awhile so be patient.
Some of the links on the sidebar will not be related to the Dinkins family. They are there because I came across documents that I thought were informative and others could use so I transcribed them for that purpose.
We are not related to Silas Douthit, but someone out there is. Silas was a Revolutionary War soldier from Franklin County, Kentucky. This is a very good source document for anyone researching his family.
Abel Kendrick, Revolutionary War soldier from Hall County, Georgia, is in some way related to John Fox Kendrick who married Martha Dinkins and lived in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. At this time, the exact relationship is not known.