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Transcribed by Verna Dinkins

Service SC               KENDRICK, ABEL               R.5861
State of Georgia}                 Personally appeared in Open Court
Hall County     }                  before Joseph Dunagan
Wiley E. Wood, & Nehemiah Garrison, Justices of the Superior Court of said County now sitting at a Court of Ordinary, Abel Kendrick, a resident of said County, aged seventy five years, the 14th Day of March 1834, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath, make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June the 7th 1832. That he entered the service of the United States under the following officers and served as herein stated.
Sometime in the Spring of the year 1779, I volunteered into the Company of Capt. William Grant as a private militiaman for a three months tour of duty, was marched to a place called Fair Forest, where I joined the Regiment of Col. William Woffard and marched to Augusta in the State of Georgia, though we were stationed on the South Carolina side of the River. General Williamson had command of the Army at this place, often crossing at this place until my term of service expired. I was discharged and returned home. In about two or three months after getting home, I was drafted for a three months tour as a private militiaman into Capt. William Grant's Company, marched to Fair Forest and joined Col. Brandon's Regiment and marched to Savannah in the State of Georgia and attacked the British forces in the city, but were repulsed and ___ to ___. The Regiment then returned home. My term of service having expired, I was discharged by Capt. Grant and returned home.   
Sometime in the year 1780, I was again drafted for three months as a private militiaman into Capt. James Stein's Company and joined the battalion of Major Jolley & the Regiment of Col. Brandon and marched to Charleston in South Carolina and from thence to a place called Camden in an area called Wateree, at which place my term of service ended and I returned home. After being at home a short time, I was again drafted for three months as a private militiaman into Capt. Grant's Company and attached to Col. Brandon's Regiment and marched to Blackstock's Ford on Tiger River where we had a short engagement or skirmish with the British, in which engagement the British retracted, but our officers, believing the enemy would be reinforced that night, ordered a retreat eight or nine miles and encamped. Shortly after this, my term of service expired and I returned home.  
Sometime in the year 1781, I was again drafted into the Company of Capt. Robert Montgomery for a tour of three months and attached to Maj'r Jolley's Battalion and joined the Army under the command of Gen'l Pickins and marched to the Eutaw Springs, at which place we had a general engagement with the British. Gen'l Green being ___ in command at this place on the American side. I was in this engagement which I think was the 8th day of September 1781. I was discharged shortly after this engagement and returned home.
Sometime in the spring of the year of 1782 I was drafted for a three months tour against the Chicora Indians, was under the command of Lieutenant Henley and Col. Kilgore at the end of said tour which was spent on marching from one Indian town to another. I returned home after suffering with hunger and fatigue.
In a short time, I was again drafted for three months against the Indians and marching in various directions through the county for three months. I was discharged. (and for which last two tours I hereby relinquished all claims, being informed that it is not required by the department as military service) I have no documentary evidence except those herewith submitted.
I hereby relinquish all claim to a pension or annuity except the present and declare that my name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.
1. I was born in Hanover County, State of Virginia on the 14th
    day of March 1759.
2. I have a record of my age at home.
3. I lived in what is now called Union District, State of South 
    Carolina when called into service. I remained in Union 
    District, South Carolina until about twenty years ago when I 
    removed to Franklin County, State of Georgia & from 
    thence to Hall County where I now live and have lived for the 
    last thirteen years.
4. I volunteered into the first tour of duty and was drafted in all 
    the others.
5. I ___ to have  Genl's Green, Pickins, & Williamson Cols. 
    Brandon & Kilgore & Majr Jolley
6. I never received any written discharge, they all being verbal.
7. Elijah Taylor, James Gilmore, Col Ez'l Buffington, & Samuel 
    K. Oliver Esqr, & Middleton Brooks, & the Reverend Wiley 
    E. Wood are persons in my present neighborhood & 
    who would testify as to my character &c
Sworn to and Subscribed the day & year first written.
Joseph Dunagan  JSC               Abel (his X mark) Kendrick

Mr. Wiley E. Wood, a clergyman, residing in the County of Hall & State aforesaid, and Elijah Taylor, residing in the same State & County do hereby Certify that we are well acquainted with Abel Kendrick who has Subscribed & Sworn to the above Declaration, that we believe him to be seventy five years age, that he is respected, and lived in the neighborhood where he resides, to have been a soldier of the Revolution, and that we concur in that opinion.
Sworn to and Subscribed before me this First day of September 1834.
                                                   Wiley E. Wood MG
Joseph Dunagan JSC                 Elijah (his X mark) Taylor
State of Georgia}     Be it known that before me, Napoleon B.
County of Cobb}     Green Justice of the Peace in and for said county personally appeared Robert Kendrick, a resident of the State and County aforesaid, age sixty-two years, who being duly cautioned and then sworn in due form of law, states that he is the son and one of the heirs of Abel Kendrick, deceased, who was a Revolutionary Officer or Soldier in either the State of North or South Carolina and that he died in the month of August AD 1836 in Hall County, Georgia, and that his mother, named Juda Kendrick, died a few weeks thereafter in the County of Forsyth, Georgia, that at the time of their marriage is unknown to this deponent, that they were residents of Union District in the State of South Carolina from his early childhood at the first remembrance of the deponent and that they resided there until about the year Eighteen Hundred and Seven or Eight and then removed to the State of Georgia, where they resided until they died; and that this deponent now resides in Cobb County, Georgia; and that furthermore, I, the said Robert Kendrick, do by those present constitute, appoint, and fully empower and authorize irrevocably and with power of substitution, F. E. Hasslar of Washington City, D.C. as my true and lawful attorney for me and in my name and hand, to examine into, to prosecute, to demand and to receive from the United States Government and State offices, my rights in all and in any manners of claims for ___ or arrears of Pension or Land that may be due me as one of the heirs or children of the said Abel Kendrick, who died leaving the same undrawn as in right of law I may be entitled.
In Witness whereof, the said Robert Kendrick, has, on the 23rd day of November AD 1852, herewith signed his name and affixed his seal.
In Presence of                                 Robt Kendrick {Seal}
Wm Y Hausill?
Thomas P Whitfield
Signed, Sealed, Acknowledged, and Sworn to before me, and I further Certify that Robert Kendrick has always by the community been known as the son of Abel Kendrick, a Revolutionary Soldier.
Dated the 23rd day of November AD 1852

                                                           N. B. Green JP

State of Georgia}
County of Cobb} To Wit
I hereby Certify that Napoleon B. Green, Esqr, before whom the foregoing affidavit and Power of Attorney was made and acknowledged and who has thereunto subscribed, was at the time of so doing, a Justice of the Peace, in and for the County aforesaid, duly Commissioned and Sworn, and that his signature above written is genuine.
In Testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal, Official, as Clerk of the Superior Court of said County this 24th day of November, One Thousand, Eight Hundred, and Fifty Two.
                                                           T. H. Moor CSC

                                                               Administrators Bonds
                                                Southern Banner Print - Athens
Know all men by these Present, that we, Robert Kendrick, James P. Kendrick, H. H. Beall, and James M. Kendrick, are held and firmly bound unto Martin Graham, Ordinary, of said County, sitting for Ordinary purposes and his successors in office in the just and full sum of Five Hundred Dollars for the payment of which sum to the said Ordinary and his successors, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators in the whole and for the whole sum, jointly and severally, and firmly, by these present. Sealed with our Seals and dated the Fifth day of September 1853
The condition of the above Obligation is such; That if the above bound Robert Kendrick, Administrator of the goods, chattels, rights, credits, and estate of Abel Kendrick, deceased, do make or cause to be made, a true and perfect inventory of all and singular, the goods, chattels, rights, credits, and estate of the said deceased, which have or shall come to the hands, possession, or knowledge of the said Robert Kendrick, or into the hands or possession of any other person or persons for him; and the same, so made, do exhibit to the said Court of Ordinary when he shall be thereunto required; and such goods, chattels, rights, credits, and estate do well and truly administer according to law, and do make a just and true account of his actings and doings thereon, when required by the said Court of Ordinary of said County. And all the rest f the goods, chattels, rights, credits, and estate which shall be found remaining upon the account of the said Administrator, the same being first allowed by the said Court, shall deliver and pay to such persons, respectively, as are entitled to the same by law. And if it shall hereafter appear that any last will and testament was made by the said deceased, and the same be proved before the Court, and the Executors obtain a certificate of the probate thereof, and the said Robert Kendrick do, in such case, if required, render and deliver up the said Letters of Administration, then this obligation, to be void, else remain in full force.
Signed, Sealed, and Acknowledged         Robt Kendrick {Seal}
in Open Court                                      H. H. Beall       {Seal}
M. Graham Ordinary   James P. (his X mark) Kendrick  {Seal}
                                  James M. (his X mark) Kendrick {Seal} 

                                                           February 3, 1933
Mrs. D. M. Dockstader                       ABEL KENDRICK
59 The Prado NE                                       R5861
Atlanta, Georgia                                     BA-J/MLB
Dear Madam:
Reference is made to your letter of January 21, in which you request the Civil War record of David Posey Kendrick, also the Revolutionary War record of Abel Kendrick.
This office has no record of service rendered in the Confederate Army, Civil War, therefore no record of David Posey Kendrick.
You are furnished herein the history of Abel Kendrick, the only soldier of that name found in the Revolutionary War records of this office, the data of which were obtained from the papers on file in his claim for pension (R5861), based upon service in the Revolutionary War.
Abel Kendrick was born March 14, 1759 in Hanover County, Virginia; the names of his parents are not given.
He applied for pension September 1, 1834, at which time he was residing in Hall County, Georgia, and alleged that while living in what was later Union District, South Carolina, he volunteered sometime in the spring of 1779 and served at various times until sometime in 1782, on tours of three months each, amounting in all to twenty-one months, as a Private in the South Carolina troops under Lieutenant Henley, Captains William Grant, James Stein, Robert Montgomery, Major Jolly, and Colonels William Woffard, Brandon, and Kilgore; that during his service, he was in engagements at Savannah and Blackstock Ford and in the Battle of Eutaw Springs.
His claim was not allowed, as he failed to furnish proof of at least six months of the alleged service, which was the requirement of the pension law.
About 1807, c1808, or 1814, the soldier moved to Franklin County, Georgia; from thence to that part of Jackson County which later became Hall County, Georgia.
Abel Kendrick died in Hall County, Georgia, August 23, 1838, and was buried there. He was survived by a widow, Judy or Juda Kendrick who died September 28, 1836 in Forsyth County, Georgia at the home of Henry H. Beall and Elizabeth Beall, with whom she had lived since the death of her husband, Abel Kendrick; their relationship not shown. The soldier was also survived by seven children.
Soldier's son, Robert Kendrick, aged 62 years in 1852, was living in Cobb County, Georgia; in 1853, he gave as his address, Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia.
Other names appearing in the claim were James P. Kendrick and James M. Kendrick, but their relationship to the soldier's family not shown.
                                                  Very truly yours, 
                                                      A. D. Hiller
                                        Assistant to the Administrator