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Disclaimer for content in Blogs...

In my three Blogs, "A Time and A Place," -"Tell It Like It Is,"- and " A State of Dreams," there are from time to time references to other unknown persons, famous movie stars and other celebrities, living and dead, as part of my story line.These references are meant to be parodies and are strictly fiction, meant only to entertain and should never be construed as actual accounts of real occurences. Some pictures and photos are taken from web sites on the internet without permission from the owners of those sites. As far as I know, no copyrights are being violated. No copyrights will ever be infringed upon knowingly or willingly and the use of these photos and accounts of occurrences are never done as a means of acquiring monetary gain. All descriptions of famous persons are done in jest and meant to be as entertainment only.

A Time and A Place

Tell It Like It Is

A State of Dreams

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