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2018 Seminar and Auction Info Super 8 Hotel 100 Ellis Ferry Ave Gaffney, SC 29341 (864) 489-1699

View the birds that will available for auction Jan 13th

The Spartanburg County Racing Pigeon club is located in North Western South Carolina.

Centered around Spartanburg, SC, we have members as far south as Clinton, SC and as far north as Tryon, NC.

We are sanctioned by the American Racing Union and we are a member club of the Piedmont Racing Pigeon Combine.

We are also members of the Dixie Southern Racing Pigeon Association and in 2009 hosted the Annual Dixie Southern Convention held in Spartanburg, SC.


The Piedmont Racing Pigeon Combine is a combination of clubs that compete against each other as a whole and as individual clubs.

The ability to compete in the combine increases the competition level and helps keep costs down. There are currently 5clubs competing in the Combine:


Spartanburg  Pigeon Racing Club (AU/SCO)

Spartanburg, SC and surrounding area

Contact Frank McDonough at


Greenville Racing Pigeon Club (AU/GRPC)

Greenville/Anderson, SC and surrounding area

Contact Tommy Axson email at


Sandlapper Invitational Racing Club (AU/SR)

Columbia, SC and surrounding area

Contact Len Brewer email at




For over 10 years in January the Combine has hosted the Annual AU Southeast Region Zone meeting. Combined with a seminar and guest speakers and an auction it is a fun event to attend and is growing every year.


Other area Pigeon Racing Events 

Frank Espisito Owned and operated Espos East Coast Challenge for 7 years. He now operates AMERICAS international challenge one loft race in Woodruff, SC. 

A few members from the Spartanburg and Greenville clubs have teamed up to handle birds for the South Carolina Classic Multi loft Futurity Race. Click the link at the top of this page for more information.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy and race pigeons our area is fast becoming the place to be. If you are already in this area and are looking for a way to increase your level of competition or save on shipping cost, give us a try.



Racing Pigeons, thoroughbreds of the sky. See what you've been missing

3000 thoroughbreds head into a beautiful sunrise
Photo by Tim Whitman

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