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Luigi is a Nazi?!?!

Long time resident and savior of the Mushroom Kingdom, Luigi of the the Mario bros. has recently been discovered to be a Nazi!

Yes it is true. At first I didn't want to belive it, but once all the facts are revealed, the truth is obvious. 1st of all, Luigi is italian, and Italy allied itself with nazi Germany during world war 2. Also both countries are facist.

2nd of all, Even tho Luigi is taller, in better shape, and can jump higher than mario, he is never the top banana. This can cause high amouts of rage and hatred, and if these emotions go unchecked, they will only become fearcer. He could have easily become a nazi with this much anger.


The third point is that Nintendo is located in Japan, which was nazi Germany's other allied state during World War two.
#4, Now luigi's anger of Mario is spawned from his jelosy of Mario. Jelosy of what he has and what he is. So once Luigi saw Mario (in the image below) he must have thought that Mario was powerful like that. Thats another reason.

Its Hitler Mario

#5, listen tho this audio clip below

"I'ma Luigi, number 1" This obviously show how Luigi belives in his supremacy, over other racers in mario 64, and other Races!
#6, Lets just look at the chemical formula of the Mushrooms. I think it speaks for itself.


#7, All though it wasen't widely known, King Bowser was in fact a Jewish homosexual Gypsy.
#8, if you want more proof that Luigi is jelous of mario, and is willing to use violence on him, watch this
#9, look at this footage!



If you belived any of this you are extremely gullible. The character Luigi of the Super Mario Bros.(TM) is not a nazi in any way, for Nintendo(TM) would not dare make the good guy a nazi for legal reasons. Sony(TM) did not pay for this in any way. When i said that Bowser was a Jewish homosexual gypsy, i did not mean that Jewish people, Homosexuals, or Gypsies are bad people and can be comparied to the evil king Bowser, and I do not insult Jewish people, Homosexuals, or Gypsies in any way. This site and its staff (the staff being me) do not support Nazis or fascists in any way at all. This who thing is a joke That I and a friend (Patrick will get pissed if i don't mention his name, and i don't want to hear his complaining) made up while we were playing Super Mario Bros. 3(TM) and i said that it looks like Luigi was saluting Hitler when he threw his sledge hammers. And thats where it all started. So don't take any of this seriously, and please don't sue me Nintendo or Sony, or anybody else.
Oh, i have to point out one fact. I did not steal this from! I thought of the idea for this a long time ago, but i never got around to putting it up. In the mean time, i visted and saw there take on the Super mario bros.  But I swear the idea was in my head long before i saw that site. I just had to point that out. That being said, here are the links to and its story on mario bros.