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Pegasus Dreams

Through the passage of time many of the Gods have been forgotten while others will live forever, if only because the Greek map of the night sky, still used by astronomers, was a picture book of myths. Groups of stars made outlines of people and animals mentioned in them. Such is the case with the great Winged Horse Pegasus.

Pegasus lived on Helicon and was fed by the Muses in winter when snow covered the ground. He often flew south to the Isthmus of Corinth to drink at a favorite spring. It was there that the wild winged horse was captured with a golden bridle suppplied to Bellerophon by Athene. But Bellerophon incurred the wrath of Zeus by riding through the air on Pegasus dressed in crown and robes. Zeus cursed the impudent mortal and had Hera send a gadfly to sting Pegasus under the tail, who reared and sent Bellerophon tumbling to earth a half of mile down. After that, his fate was to wander about the earth lame, poor and deserted by his friends. But Zeus caught Pegasus and used him as a pack-horse to carry thunderbolts.

Love of Pegasus

Legend tells that Pegasus takes flight empowered by the gods with wings. Looking for a maiden, the fairest maiden of them all, he is looking for a mortal. This maiden had many suitors, many a prince, and then one day Pegasus lands at her feet. One look into her eyes as he kneels down onto his front hoofs. Without fear she mounts him. Enfolded and protected within his wings as he takes flight , crossing seas under the watchful eyes of Poseidon. Far in the distance, a kingdom, a castle in the sky suspended in air, nestled among the clouds. There Pegasus transforms into a man. For a few short hours they shared passion and pleasure. The love Pegasus received is all he ever needed as he took the maiden in his arms, holding her close, sharing kisses, the feeling of her body next to his, when he looked into her eyes, the warmth, their souls became one, their minds became one.

They would lay in tall grasses at the edge of enchanted forests for hours stroking and caressing each other. They knew all to well that the only time they spent together was when the Gods desired it. Divine intervention. The gods drove the two to a point of no return. Gave them drink but never quenched their thirst. Gave them food but always left them hungry for more. Myth has it that Aphrodite watched the lovers during these encounters and grew envious that she had never attained their level of passion. So she cast a spell on Pegasus, to keep the maiden’s heart at bay. His love for her experienced only briefly when he was transformed into human form.

Then once more on the back of the winged horse Pegasus. Falling from the sky , in and out of clouds, the wind rushing over her skin. Back home again she remembers, the taste of his kisses…sweet nectar, the warmth of his body next to hers and the knowledge that he will find a way. It is enough, her passion and love belonged to a winged horse, she belongs to Pegasus.

If you hear music, the song is "Crazy For You" by Madonna, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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