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Zhineng Qigong

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Abdomen Massaging Bed Form
Practice Requirements
  • Postural Requirements
    1. Build a chi-field as described in Life More Abundant.
    2. Lie with the back on bed, naturally stretch the legs flatly.
    3. Put the left palm on the center of the upper abdomen, then the right palm upon the back of the left hand.
    4. Massage the upper abdomen with the two hands move together in clockwise direction (up, left, down, right).

      The hands press the skin to move in circles (always pressing and pushing the same area of the abdomen skin). Gradually increase the pressure and move slowly and smoothly in a steady and firm way, from small circles to big ones.

  • Imaginary techniques
    Keep the mind (attention) inside upon the motions of the central chi, following the circling of the hands, neither promoting nor forgetting.

  • Duration of practice
    The longer the better before sleep or after waking. Usually 30 minutes to one hour. Itís all right if you fall asleep but remember to close the chi-field before getting up.
  • Cultivating the central chi and make it permeate the tendon membranes.
    Central chi is very important to the health, strength and vitality of the practitioners. In fact, this method was derived from the Essential Forms of Shaolin Martial Arts - the first step of the 12-month Forms, one of the secret methods to build inner strength.

  • Help restore health for intestines and stomach patients.
  • Supplementary exercise for patients restrained in bed.
Possible Sensations

After about one-week practice, while the hands are pressing and circling upon the upper abdomen, one may feel the flowing of the inner central chi as if water rippling in a container.

One to three months later, the central chi can be doubled, one feels strong and vigorous, a sonorous voice from the depth of the chest may be built. The upper abdomen becomes full and round which is a sign of the "risen tendon membranes" the preparatory step to practice hard forms in Shaolin Martial Arts.

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