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Q & A about Abundant Zhineng Qigong

  • Can I practice Zhineng Qigong if I have hemiparalysis?

    Yes. You may practice "mind form" and try to move the body with your "mental / spiritual power". The practical and effective method is to practice Pulling and Filling Chi Method...

External Hunyuan

  • Is there any advanced method to practice Life Chi Up & Pour Chi Down Form?

    Yes. Some advanced methods were taught to the students who had reached a certain level. The basic movements are the same as taught in elementary practice, but advanced visualization and mind techniques are employed, such as the Practice Method of 9 Palaces and 13 Doors for Life Chi Up & Pour Chi Down Practice...

Body & Mind Hunyuan

  • Who is eligible to proceed to Body and Mind Form?

    There is no absolute standard. After about six months of Level One practice, if one is not too weak or seriously ill, and one has enough practice time (the short form lasts about 45 minutes, and the longest hours), he / she may learn to practice Body & Mind Form.

  • What are the benefits of Body & Mind Form?

    Generally speaking, the main purpose of this form is to correct the imbalance of inner chi and the distortion of the human body...

Extra Forms

  • Can I do the Squatting Form without a wall?

    Yes. Itís a frequently used warm-up form before regular group practice. In order to obtain the best benefits, itís recommended to perform standard Wall-squatting Form in individual practice...

Chi Reactions

  • Chi flowing in sleep

    Last night, and a few times before, while I was in a semi-asleep mode, I felt something like a rush Chi energy around my body...I wondering if it's ok? And should I just let it flow or should I force myself to wake up? (For when I wake up, the rush stops)

    It is all right when you feel the chi flowing. Don't worry and don't do anything about it. You can resume your sleep. More wall-squattings may help make chi balanced inside...


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