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(Front Cover)

Track listing and time:
1. Movement for the Common Man 13:11
Children of the Land
Street Collage
Fanfare for the Comman Man
Mother Nature's Matinee
2. Right Away 3:46
3. What Has Come Between Us 4:53
4. Best Thing 3:13
5. Quick is the Beat of My Heart 4:49
6. After You Leave Me 4:00

Release Date-1972
(Back Cover)

The Members
James "JY" Young
Dennis DeYoung
Chuck Panozzo
John Panozzo
John "JC" Curulewski

After years of constant gigs in the city of Chicago and its surrounding areas, STYX was finally noticed by WN (Wooden Nickle) Records (an RCA subsidiary label). However, they were not known as STYX just yet; they had been calling themselves TW4. But with a recommendation from WN, TW4 finally decided upon the name STYX out of hundreds of suggestions! Their debut album "STYX", was released in 1972. And eventhough STYX had many songs that were written by Dennis, JY and JC, WN insisted that they should record songs by other people for their first album. But, JY and Dennis basically had the record company eat their own words, because it was a song that had been co-written by both Dennis and JY that had made it into the HOT 100--"Best Thing"!

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