(Front Cover)

1. Light Up (4:17)
2. Lorelei (3:19)
3. Mother Dear (5:25)
4. Lonely Child (3:47)
5. Midnight Ride (4:17)
6. Born For Adventure (5:12)
7. Prelude 12 (1:21)
8. Suite Madame Blue (6:30)

Release Date-1975

(Back Cover Not Available)

The Members
John "JC" Curulewski
Dennis DeYoung
Chuck Panozzo
John Panozzo
James "JY" Young

It is the year 1975 and with the success of the song "Lady", STYX II had sold over 500,000 copies and went gold. This gave STYX the opportunity to search around for a larger and more supportive record label. It was in September of this year that they signed with A&M records. Only two months later, Equinox would be released and would immediately reach gold status and eventually go platinum!

Near the end of the year, guitarist John Curulewski, for both personal and financial reasons, had decided to leave the band about a week before the tour in support of Equinox. Unfortunately, he would later die of a brain aneurysm in 1988.

Now, with John having left the band, STYX would need to find a replacement fast! STYX's road manager, Jim Vose, had remembered seeing a guitar player in the band M.S. Funk playing in the Chicago area. With the helpful intervention of Directory Assistance, he had managed to track down this guitar player by the name of Tommy Shaw in his home state of Alabama. Tommy had just finished his stint with the band M.S. Funk and was now playing in a band called Harvest. He was explained everything and he was flown up to Chicago to meet the band. He auditioned for the band, learned all of the songs that they were going to play on tour in less than a week, and he had become a new addition to STYX.

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