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(Front Cover)

1. You Need Love 3:44
2. Lady 2:56
3. A Day 8:19
4. You Better Ask 3:54
5. Little Fugue In "G" 1:17
6. Father O.S.A. 7:08
7. Earl Of Roseland 4:39
8. I'm Gonna Make You Feel It

Release Date-1972
(Back Cover)

The Members
James "JY" Young
Dennis DeYoung
Chuck Panozzo
John Panozzo
John "JC" Curulewski

It was STYX II that contained their hit "Lady". That song was requested so much on the local radio station, WLS in Chicago, that the program director there had vowed to play the song until it became a bit! It had broken all previous records at WLS, but it would still take years until it would become more than just a "local" hit. That time finally arrived when, in the year 1974, one year after STYX II's original release in 1973, "Lady" entered the Billboard Top 40. The song peaked at #6 and finally pushed STYX II up to gold status in 1975. And it was later found out that WN had only spent a measly amount of $161 to promote the album at the time of it's release in 1973!

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