The Rugrats Get Riffed!
This page here is devoted to riffing the Rugrats TV series (and now its spinoff "All Grown Up!"), and was born a spinoff of my Rugrats Movie Gets Mstied page, but it's now the primary page for Rugrats riffing. Basically the rules are the same as riffing the film: send me an email here, with "Rugrats riffs" (or something like that) in the subject line, so I'll actually read it. If you want to know what's on Rugrats in the coming days, click here. The idea of this page was in my head for a while but had to wait for the first series riff, which is below. I've also found my page as a link on the Unofficial Rugrats Online. Don't know if this is supposed to be a blessing or a curse though, as the link has this: "Contains some segments with foul language. Parental discretion is advised." Oh well... on with the riffs.
From: Joe Klemm -
Episode: The one where Angelica auditions for the "child-of-the month" for a children's show. (Word of the Day)
Scene: During one of the scenes the scene shifts to a different part of the screen whenever the dirty word is said.
Line: Crow: She's right, our viewers are little...
Mike: Crow!!!

From: Joe Klemm -
Episode: Dil We Meet Again (the one where the babies think Dil has turned into a watermelon)
Scene: When one of the kids says there's a thousand of fun things a watermelon can do.
Riff: "He can be part of a Gallagher act."
Gallagher is famous stand-up comedian whose trademark is hitting fruit with a mallet. At the end of most of his shows, with the ending being the mallet routine, he would prepare to hit a watermelon with his mallet, yet stall a few times before he actually hits it. The joke here is that the babies think that Dil is a watermelon. - Joe Klemm

From: Darth Kirby -
Episode: Music
He riffed the whole thing! Read it here.

From: Darth Kirby -
Episode: The Trial
It had been 9 months since Darth riffed up "Music", then he sent me the URL for the MSTing of the Rugrats ep "The Trial" which was bundled with the teaser trailer for "Rugrats in Paris". Read it here.
From: Jesse Shearer -
Episode: Acorn Nuts and Diapey Butts
Riffs: A lot!
1. Angelica practices her song for the fall parade:
Throughout episode: "Oh, the pain, the pain" (Dr. Smith style, Lost in Space)
2. Granddad involved in retirement home activities:

3. Chuckie's dad gets a date with a beekeeper: "Yes, her beehives *cough cough*are very nice, I'm sure.
4. Tommy tries to cheer up his kid brother (Dil - Rover_Wow)

5. Angelica Sings:                 a) Cree Summers must have hated this particular job [as Angelica's
                friend], singing on such an awful show. (Actually, Susie isn't Angelica's
                friend, not by any stretch of the imagination. - Rover_Wow)
                b) [upon seeing Angelica and her friend in costume] A hoe and a rake. How

6. Grandpa's busted leg:

7. Parade:

                a) "Splat!"
                b)[as baby] "Damn, she caught me. I'm still in this crappy show!"
From: Jesse Shearer -
Episode: Angelicon and Dil's Binkie (The first ep under the 3-8-11 format, tried for only one season)
Riffs: And now, some more from the pen [or keyboard] of Jesse Shearer:
1) Question: "What are the daddies doing out there?" Answer: Playing with their wood. A double entendre, as in building a playhouse and that "other kind of wood" (Can be interpreted 2 ways: one being dildoes, and the other being 'a "Beavis and Butthead" ref, with "wood" refering to the male state of arrousal...' - Rover_Wow).
2) Angelica drops her glass of lemonade: Hey, kid! You dropped your cup of whiz!
3) Angelica screams for her Barbie-esque doll ("Cynthia" - Rover_Wow): Owie! My ears! I think I'm going deaf!
"Dil's Binkie" riffs:
1) Dil's pacifier lands in bowl of soup and splashes mother's glasses: Spoot in the eye!
2) Phil and Lil getting dirty: I hope that's mud they're playing in...

From: Ben Greenwood -
Episode: Touchdown Tommy
The third full MSting of a Rugrats ep... it's here. Warning though, the riffs are sparse in some areas. I also did my own MSting of this ep.

From: Jesse Shearer -
Episode: I Do
Riffs: Here's some more from Jesse:
The title: "I Do".
Response: I don't.  What's it to ya?
Scene: Angelica's mother comments on how she (Angelica) was the best part of the wedding.
Response: If that was the best part, it must have been one crappy wedding.
Line: Angelica turns down a game of tag with some silly comment about the others being "just babies".
Response:[as Chuckie] "Yeah, well you deserve to be shot."
Scene: Chuckie is dragged into a pretend wedding with Lill.
Response:[makes gun out of pen and hand] Here's my gun, kid.  You know what to do.
Scene: Dil has the pacifiers that are supposed to be the wedding rings and won't hand them over.
Response: Smart kid, eh?
Tommy's line: "I now denounce you man and wife..."
Response: Shortly thereafter, Nick denounces the show.
Scene: Chuckie and Lil get to pretend that Dil is their baby.
Response: I guess Dan Quale was right about declining family values after all.
Scene: Chuckie, Lil, Phil, and Tommy pretend to get married so that they can play together.
Response: And we end the episode with polyandry at the Finster place...

From: Jesse Shearer -
Episode: All Growed Up
Riffs: Lately, this Jesse Shearer has been dominating the Rugrats riffs page (but only because he's the only guy to respond to my requests for riffs). So here we go again!
The title sequence really has a lot of balls. (All the toy balls of various sorts rolling around)
Sci-fi film opening to show: Hey, I thought this was "Rugrats: All Growed Up," not "Back to the Crap"!
Angelica sings:

Dil beans Angelica: Good shot, kid!
Mom brings in cookies and Angelica steals them: Oh good, two kinds of evil. The dumb kind and the exploitative kind.
Discussing the "karaoke" machine: Oh, just get on with the show!
Chase scene: Dukes of Hazard music imitated.
About the kids going ten years into the future: Yeah, 11. You're really grown up now, aren't you?
Time machine activates: Jump! I repeat; jump! [Babylon 5 reference]
Rugrats get spit out into future: Navigation, take us back to normal space. [another Babylon 5 reference]
Misheard artist name and reaction: Emenem? Them? (Turns out the performer is "Emica." Simple enough mistake, and I make it repeatedly)
The dog in the future: Boy, he didn't age well at all, did he?
Dad's disco-age scorpion medallion: [radio personality Don Imus] You moron. Get with the century already, will ya?
Bus driving Granddad: Where's a bomb when you need one? It would be safer and more humane.
Chuckie's first crush: Oh, put your pants back on!
Angelica's goings on about what sounds like Emenem being cool: Emenem's not cool. What are you talking about?
Above discussion turns to having the scorpion medallion: Angelica's a bigger talker than I am, and admittedly, I can be pretty hard to top sometimes.
Chuckie gets lip balm from his first crush: Boy, he sure takes his compliments where he can get them, eh?
Tommy's joke and science experiment: Gallagher, ladies and gentlemen!
Angelica's "Family Emergency": Change from "His dad has gas," to "I'm ugly."
Tommy and Angelica discuss the situation in the hallway: Tommy jams a pen into Angelica's forehead.
Phil and Lil take the cafeteria spaghetti and remember eating worms: Dah! Thanks for reminding me.
Chuckie meets his crush in the cafeteria:
Rover (referring to Spike) discovers the doggie biscuit decorated as the copper medallion and eats it, then proceeds to do the same with the real one: Damn that doggie logic!
Mom and Dad Pickles find out:
Dad Pickles begins interrogating Tommy; Tommy answers "Well, Ace..." [it's an Ace Ventura: Pet Detective reference]
Tommy gets grounded and his parents are all broken up about it: Oh, boo hoo. Big loss on the kid's part.
Dad Pickles asks about Bob in reference to baby-sitting with "What about Bob?" All I can say to that is that "What About Bob?" was a good movie. (Besides, the dialog's wrong: It's "What about Pop?" as in Grandpa.)
Susie comes over to baby-sit (my reaction): Hey! Cree Summers! Interview for the budding Internet fanzine "The Lone Vorlon?" (It's actually Cree SUMMER, without the S at the end... apparently, Shearer must have been obaseesed with Summer... read on for more Summer riffs.)
Emica concert: Talk about uglyfest there.
(NOTE: I was going to do more riffs about the disco contest, but I came to the conclusion that those scenes pretty much riff themselves.)
Susie settles in to watch "Back to the Crap" (the movie from the beginning of the show): [me] Ms. Summers! Which voice character was your favorite to perform?
The ticket collector scene before the concert:
Dad is dejected at his disco contest: Emmica concert conclusion:
Back at present day: (B5 reference) [Vorlon encounter suit voice] "We have come full circle. It ends NOW!"
And that's that!
From: Joe Klemm -
Episode: All Growed Up
Riffs: Finally, someone who's not Jesse Shearer submits me some riffs:
Scene: After the scientist on TV has his assistant be a test rat for his time machine.
Riff: "I hope you like one-eyed girls and beer-drinking robots." (Futurama's premise)
Scene: Angelica's off-key singing of America, the Beautiful.
Riff: "And I thought Roseanne was bad."
Scene: Phil: "She's good." (referring to Angelica)
Riff: "She's a b*tch." (I can't help calling Angelica one)
Scene: Angelica opens the closet door revealing the future version of herself.
Riff: "Ka-ching (sound of a cash register)."
Explanation of the Riff: It's a reference to the phenomenom in which Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon can be doubled as a alternate soundtrack to the Wizard of Oz. The riff itself refers to how, if cued right, the song Money (which begins with the sound of a cash register) start just as the film shifts to color (Dorthey opening the door to reveal Munchkinland).
Scene: Dil telling Tom that he is in deep trouble when Stu finds out that his medallion was eaten by Spike.
Riff: "Yeah, just think how long it will take for Spike to crap it out."
Comment: Yes, I know that Phil made a similar comment later in the episode, but that was in my head when the scene just mentioned took place.
From: "Pokejedservo" -
Episode: The opening titles to the Rugrats spinoff All Grown Up!
Riffs: These pictures were taken from this page. (The title in front of each description identifies the ep it came from.)
Bad Kimi: Angelica's "Ask Angelica" chat site
Yes, even Angelica gets her own talk show, scary huh?
Truth or Consequences: Angelica in weird outfit... for a sci-fi video Tommy's making
I may be no trend expert, but are you sure those things are REALLY fashionable here Ms. Pickles?
Chuckie's In Love: Angelica looking at a bunch of cheese doodles with a magnifying glass
Can't blame her here, god only knows WHAT is in those school cafeteria foods.
Truth or Consequences: Some of the Rugrats yelling in protest upon seeing that Tommy has filmed some of their worse moments

From: "Pokejedservo" -
Episode: Various
Riffs: It's a Kimifest here... Pics from here and here.
Finsterella: Kimi playing with Chuckie (on all fours)
Chuckie (thinking): Why do just about all the girls in this show think I am such a pony?
Angelicon: Kimi, Chuckie, and Tommy, outside... note the onscreen logo at the upper right, belonging to France 3's (former) kids' block
Kimi: Cool crayon drawings! Chuckie: Eh Kimi, you're not suppose to notice that...
All Growed Up: Kimi has ripped her pants
All Growed Up: The kids talking about Tommy being grounded
Congress they ain't. (Then again that can be deemed to be a good thing, no?)
All Grown Up! titles (Susie Sings the Blues): a random shot of Kimi
All Grown Up! titles (Susie Sings the Blues): Kimi talking with Susie
Kimi: I'm on fire baby, yeah! Susie (thinking): Hope she isn't just talking about her hairstyle.

From: various boarders at the Toonzone Forums
Episode: The Inside Story
Angelica holding a bag of "Super-Gro Plant Food"

shogunthethird: After "Cynthia" left for her own sitcom, Angelica found "bag of fertilizer", just didn't have the same sense of comic timing
From: various boarders at the Toonzone Forums
Episode: Various eps of from All Grown Up!
Bad Kimi: Angelica's "Ask Angelica" chat site, again
Skeeter: "Is it your fault that your parents decided not to have any more kids?"
pabcool: What were YOU smoking?
Nin-Nin69: Why were you spared in the birthing shed?
shogunthethird: "yes, can you give me any pointers on how to raise my own sweet, kind, loving daughter to be a shallow manipulative, greedy B***h?"
DianaGohan: I want to ask her some questions, but none of them are apprioate for 13 year olds, espically if they have pre-teen friends.
Susie Sings The Blues: Susie singing on stage at the Wombat Hall... she's auditioning to a talent scout
Blue Wolf: Shake that booty Suzie
shogunthethird: I like big butts and I cannot lie / you otha brutha's can't deny... (the lyrics to Sir Mix A Lot's "Baby Got Back")
DianaGohan: Teen Cartoon American Idol: African American Divison:
American Idol Writer One: Why have we sold our soul to the devil so often?
American Idol Writer Two: Cause he still pays us a dollar fifty for it. Now come on! We still got to work on Superpowered Freaks From Comic Books American Idol tommorow and I want some sleep so those freaks don't try and rape me... again.
Susie Sings The Blues: Angelica singing, from the pre-title sequence
shogunthethird: "and what is the deal with the cafeteria workers and the B.O.? somebody wanna explain how they can serve us food and still smell like they went bad two years ago?"
DianaGohan: "I'd like to sing my hit song 'I'm A Stupid B**** that everyone hates' now."

From: various boarders at the Toonzone Forums
Episode: All Grown Up!, Susie Sings The Blues
Phil booing at his principal's poetry reading: Tommy and Chuckie, who suggested the idea, are there too... click on the pic to see more where that came from
Phil: "Boo! You stink!"
Tommy: "No, I think thats you, Phil."
Jaguar: "Hopefully, if you are lucky, this will be the one and only time you see these character designs."
Blue Wolf:
Phil: Screw this crap, Jeez why don't they bring Zim back. Turn this crap off
Tommy: Phil... that's our show.

Other stuff:
Chrono Rugrats - A crossover between Chrono Trigger and Rugrats (or rather, Chrono Trigger's characters get the Rugrats' characteristics).
Touchdown Tommy - My way, and Ben Greenwood's way.
Clan of the Duck - Chuckie and Phil cross-dress and get themselves into some trouble.
Music - The Rugrats basically tell each other their musical tastes.
The Trial - Tommy's lamp gets broken and the Rugrats have a trial.
Baby-Sitting Scouts - Rugrats + Sailor Moon = This "funny" crossover about Angelica turning into a Sailor Scout.
All Growed Up - The Rugrats become preteens.
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