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three duece big block
Early tripower inducted big block
This three deuce setup is in a 58 Impala mild custom


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427 Chevy Engine

1956 Buick Century

           Just towed in another spare vehicle.
sport car

I have hundreds of automotive parts available from various makes models and years of automobiles and trucks

I have a bad habit of buying more pieces all the time. My parts supply changes all the time.


Life is a series of constant changes
These pages, like Life, change constantly!

Having fun pretending to drive the 9N Ford farm tractor

sports car
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Antique Tractors

Chevy Van

Torino Cobra

1949 Dodge Coronet

pull that engine

Spotty the Milk Cow


Colorado Pics



Buick Wildcat

My Bobcat

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Slammed Shortbed
1964 409
Cadillac powered Suburban

Rare duel quad cross-ram inducted 426 maxi wedge
426 cross ram

1969 F100 5.0 liter V8, 3 speed gearbox.(I trailered this pickup home and discovered the only thing wrong with it was a bearing out of the 9-inch rearend. I fixed it and drove the pickup around and it runs great. I think I'll drive this one a while. It is painted exactly like the old 69 F100 that I used to drive only this one looks better. My brother has already christened this one "Old Green II" because we always called the first one "Old Green". "Old Green" was really rusty (you could see though the rear fender)but it was really fast. It had 390cid, aluminum police interceptor intake manifold, headers, racing cam, ported heads, high volume oil pump, oil passages were drilled, C-6 auto transmission, and a 9-inch Detroit Locker differential with a 411 ratio. "Old Green was a perfect sleeper. I had a lot of fun stomping unsuspecting kids in Camaros and Mustangs. The little 302 in "Old Green II" will not compare in speed and power but I'll bet it will get better gas milage than "Old Green". I think I will change the 3-speed gearbox to a 4-speed but that is the only planned change for now.)

I now have old green II in the shop for the planned gearbox transplant. I think while I have it in the shop I will also change the passenger side front coil spring, which is weak. Replace a seal in the nine inch rearend, which is leaking. I may also upgrade the sound system. The current am / fm / cassette stereo does not work at all so anything would be an improvement. I also had thought about replacing the 302 with a 351 winsor for a while, just for grins, but I think I will hold off on that ( with the high price of gas I would hate to kill my gas mileage.

I am really happy with the 4 speed! It just improves old green so much. With the old gearbox it was so hard to get moving when pulling a trailer. It was almost impossible to keep from shaking your teeth out of your head at startup and now it is so smooth. Just put it into 1st gear, release the clutch and away you go.
Now old green II has had every tranny offered in '69 since it was originally a 240 I-6 3-speed(that explains the extremely low rear end).

Last weekend I went to an auto salvage auction. I bought two Mavericks, a 1970 Grabber tudor and a 1974 4-door with a 250 cid inline six. I pulled them home with Ol Green and my tilt-bed trailer and it worked slick.

1971 F250 Camper Special, 2 tanks, came from California, wrecked in Iowa.
I bought this F250 from Allstate Insurance Company after it's original owner was involved in an accident. Since it is so clean, rust free and it was a one owner unit, we have decided to repair the Camper Special. We now have the entire front clip removed and are preparing to straighten the frame. I will have updates on our progress.

I have many other vehicles
I am always aquiring different components

Vehicles for Sale
1976 Mercury Bobcat runs good, 2.3L, 4-speed, air, needs rear main seal, fake wood sided fender, mag styled steel wheels.

1958 International Harvester one ton truck. When I bought this truck I planned on putting a Chevy engine in it and using it for a vehicle hauler. I don't have the time to devote to this project so I am offering it for sale. It has a 6 cylinder IH engine(stuck), 4-speed transmision, and the rearend looks like a super heavy duty job, no title. It looks like an easy restoration to me. $600.00

Alone and Lonely 1956 Ford

Saturday I went to an auction and I bought a tilt flat bed automobile trailer and a dump pickup trailer. My brother, Roger bought a 1949 F-1 shortbox pickup with a flathead V8. I guess the old pickup had been sitting in a shed for many years with the box off of it. The heirs sat the box back on it for the auction but they left the chains on it for ease of removal. We got the old flathead to fire but we have not been successful at getting it to run yet. It is in pretty good shape for a 50 year old truck. The radiator hoses look new, the tail-pipe looks new, even the spark plugs shine like they were just installed yesterday! The 49 even came with a spare bumper. He thinks this old truck is a good candidate for a body off restoration.

1949 Update.
The other day Roger and I finally had a little time to mess around with the 49. That old flathead is a smooth runner and it seems to be in good shape. The only thing it needed was a new fuel pump.

The other night I was reclining on the couch watching the television when the phone rang. I was feeling ill and did not wish to talk to anyone so I told Karen my wishes. It was my brother and he told Karen that I would really want to converse with him. I took the telephone and said hello. My brother asked me if the windshield in a 1955 Ford 4-door sedan would fit in my 1956 2-door. I told him that it would, the front and the rear windows are the same. I asked him why he wanted to know that bit of information and he told me he had found me a 1955 Ford 4-door parts car only about 60 miles from my home.

My Brother knew I had been looking for a decent spare component vehicle since my 1956 Ford had been vandalized a couple of years ago while it was waiting for a long overdue engine transplant. He knew how heartbroken I had been when the 56 was battered by three unthinking kids. My Dad (died Dec 21 1987) had bought the 56 new before I was even a sparkle in his eye. I remember standing up in the back seat of the Ford yelling "Go faster Daddy", as the speedometer hit 120 miles per hour(the only option on this car was the "BIG" engine). On my 14th birthday Dad gave me the 56 Ford and a lecture of how he knew I would be wanting to race and how he wanted me to make the 56 into a dragster. He thought I would be far safer racing at a sanctioned track instead of on the street. The 56 did see some racing action but not on a track.

It was suggested after the terrible assault on my 56 that I should use the pieces off of my 1955 Customline 4-door that I have sitting in the shed. I did not think that would be the right thing to do because how many 1955 Fords can there be with 61,000 actual miles.

I have not seen the 1955 spare component car yet so I but I guess the windshield only has one small rock chip in it. It has a 272 Y-block. I don't know what transmission is in it, or whether it is a Mainline, Customline or a Fairlane.

I think I will go with a 390 FE-block in the 56 this time coupled to a C6 auto transmission. This combination will look fairly stock to the casual observer and will have good power. My brother wanted me to go with a 460 and a manual transmission but I like the 390 idea. I wish I could find a 427 for this but they are getting pretty hard to find.

Well I just had to try out my tilt-bed auto trailer so the other day I hooked it to my Allis Chalmers WD45 farm tractor and went over to my motherís house and loaded up my 1970 Maverick Grabber. It really worked great! I got the Maverick home with hardly any trouble at all. I intend to install a 351 Windsor V8 in this Grabber. It had a 200 cid 6 in it when I bought it from my sister,

I drove it for a year until the 6 developed a hole about the size of a quarter in the top of one of the pistons. I pulled a 289 special out of a 1963 Fairlane and installed it in my Maverick Grabber. This made for a significant increase in horsepower and torque! I had a lot of fun driving the Maverick after that. With a big cam in the 289 it had that mean lope at an idle that made it fun to just idle around town. With the stripes and mag wheels it looked fast just sitting still.

One day I was just idling down the main street in a small town and it was a good thing that no one backed out in front of that cop because he surely would have hit them! He turned clear around in his seat to stare at me as he drove down the street in the opposite direction.

One time at a family dinner my cousin was bragging about the 500 cubic inch engine in his newly aquired Cadillac Eldorodo convertible. I told him that we should go out and race for the pink slips because that hot 500cid Caddy would probably beat my meager 289cid Maverick with ease. He declined and I no longer had to listen to his big-engine brags. My Maverick would have stomped that Caddy without even trying hard.

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, I gave the 289 to my brother because he needed an engine in his vehicle to drive to work. At that time I had a Buick Electra and a Pinto wagon to drive and thought I should upgrade the engine in the Maverick anyway. Since then my Maverick has done nothing but sit out back behind Momís barn. I see several other parts have mysteriously disappeared during the Maverickís rest and the one that amazed me the most is that someone stole the gas pedal, yes the gas pedal is gone. It is a good thing I have a 6-cylinder spare component vehicle. I am looking for a V8 spare component car but I donít really need one. Well my trailer worked fantastic so it was well worth the money I paid for it. I still need to put new wheels and tires on it but it worked fine to pull it slow with a farm tractor

Maverick Grill
Maverick Grill

This weekend I went to an auction and bought a 1984 Buick Skylark Limited. The 2.8 V6 ran great all the way home. It even has a brand new battery in it. The next day I took the Skylark for a drive and 20 miles away from home it stopped moving. The V6 was humming away but I just was not going anywhere! I shut the Buick off and sat there for awhile. When I started the Skylark back up and put it in drive it moved! Down the road it went but only for a half mile then it rolled to a stop again. I finally made it to the next town by repeating this procedure several times. I called Mom to come and take me home. I drove Old Green II with a trailer hitched behind me back to that town to retrieve my ailing Skylark Limited. Once I trailered it home I changed the tranny fluid and filter. I have driven the Skylark over 300 miles since without a problem. It even gets great gas milage! if you want to see a picture of the Skylark there is one on "this page".

Skylark Update
I have now put well over 4000 miles on the Skylark. It sips the gas and the oil has only went down a fraction of an inch on the dipstick.
I have now put about 7000 miles on this Skylark.

Well the Skylark is dead! After putting well over 10,000 miles on the little Buick the tranny has began to slip a little. I have parked it for good.

I have sold the Skylark to a lifelong friend. He has a blazer with a 2.8 in it and decided to buy the little Buick for the V-6. So far he has had a good time pulling wagons around his farm with it.

I just got done putting a helicoil in a 90 Lumina 3.1. This makes the first time I have ever installed a helicoil and the installation went real smooth. The piloted tap worked almost effortlessly in the aluminum head.

Just a sample of a few of the vehicles I am parting out

I am currently dismantling a 1988 Subaru GL 4X4 that I purchased for parts. I am putting the entire drive train into a 1986 Subaru GL that I used as a daily driver. The 5-speed front wheel drive transaxle will be available to anyone that needs it as well as many pieces from the 1988 Subaru.

I am also currently parting out a 1986 Crown Victoria. I bought this automobile and drove it about 60 miles to my farm. I drove it for several days after I got it home, I even pulled a small trailer into town with it. This car drove excellent! Aside from the front bumper and fender being a little crinkled and the drivers door window being broken out I could find nothing wrong with this auto. It has a great running 302.

1987 Chrysler 5th Avenue beautiful leather seats. Smooth running 318 cubic inch , auto (I liked the wheels and tires on this Chrysler). Some of my friends thought I should fix this Chrysler because it was a really sharp unit before it was wrecked(smashed fender, bumper, grill, hood, radiator still holds antifreeze).
Fifth Avenue Doors

1989 Taurus LX sedan, 3.8 liter V6

1986 Taurus LX sedan, 3.0 liter V6, premium stereo system.
To purchase parts from this vehicle click here

1985 LTD 3.8 liter , automatic transmission. Many other components.

1976 Dodge Volarie. Slant 6 .

1975 Toyota Corolla 2-door. All this Toyota is missing so far is the battery. Interior is a little shabby. 4 cylinder 4-speed transmission.

1975 Chevy pickup. 12-bolt rearend, not too many other pieces left on this one.

19?? Chevrolet Chevette 2-door.

1973 Oldsmobile 98 4-door hardtop

197? Pinto. 4-speed.

1972 LTD. 2 barrel 351 Cleveland 4 door

1978 Buick LeSabre. 301 cubic inch Pontiac

1968 F-100 pickup (going fast).

1968 Ford station wagon

1967 Mercury.

1963 ???(I think) Volkswagon Bug. Not much of this baby left.

1950 Dodge 1-ton truck with a 5 window cab. Flat head 6 cylinder (stuck) 4-speed transmission.

I went to a farm sale today SW of Creston. I bought another tractor, a WD45 Allis Chalmers. I also bought a topper for my pickup. I bid on a few other things, like a snap-coupler bale fork for my tractor and dual tires that fit a WD45, but other people apparently thought they were worth more money than I did.

There were some other things that I was tempted to bid on but I really did not need them at the present time.

A 1954 Ford 2-door sedan with 53000 actual miles on it. I would have liked to bid on it but I really do not need another car at the present time since I have several that I should work on and get rid of before I buy another one.
I was also tempted by a 2-door 1977 Chevy Caprice. It was in decent shape and the 305 ran fine.
Then there was a nice little 2-door 1989 Chevy Caviler.

Just returned home from an extended road trip. Saw alot of apealing old iron. Such as a rust free 1964 Impala hardtop, 70 Z28, 61 Starliner, 67 Fairlane Convert., a Road Runner and some Chargers.

I just aquired a 1988 LeBaron Turbo Coupe, it has the 2.2 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder, electronic dash board with all the trip computers. I hope that a head gasket is all that is wrong with it.(It could have a cracked or warped head).

Went to a show today, saw a lot of nice rides, shiny chrome, expensive paint jobs and rad mills. I really liked the ElCamino with the 502 crate motor in it, I bet it cranks. I also enjoyed the 1963 Plymouth convertable with a cross ram induction 426 maxi wedge, very nice. There was a cherry 56 Nomad with a trick Dakota Digital elecronic instrument cluster, it comes complete with computer and everything needed for installation.

Tarus Bumper

Kids on a wrecked 1978 Buick LeSabre

Parts for Sale
Click here for an ever expanding list

My friend, Steve, had a D600 Dodge with a stuck 318. He had poured diesel fuel down the spark plug holes and let it sit for about a year. Glen and Steve then tried putting a big round bale in the box and pulling it up and down the road with the John Deere to free it. All they accomplished was to smoke the clutch it would not come free by that method. Steve asked me if I knew of a way to free it. I jacked up the right rear duel wheel, put it in high gear and worked the wheels back and forth. After much rocking the wheeles began to move a little more each way. Eventually I got the wheels to turn freely. Then we hooked the D600 to a 76 F250 4WD and pulled it about 20 miles with the tranny in high gear to make sure it was well lubed before we started it. Replaced the plugs and started the 318. It now runs good and does not smoke. That is how you free a stuck motor.

It was a good Christmas, I bought my son a 1/18 scale 1957 Plymouth Fury. It is bright red witha gold grill and trim. Looks just like Christine from the Steven King movie. The first thing he did was cut his finger on the door! I told him he had better be careful not to make Christine mad.

Just got a 86 E 150 Econoline Conversion Van. It was real nice until it got smashed. I am removing stuff from it now.

I have purchased a really sharp turbocharged 1984 Chrysler New Yorker, a rough but runs great 1986 Turbo New Yorker, a rough and rusty Subaru 3-door 4X4, and a very nice 1975 Maverick 2 door.

The 1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC I bought runs great! It has the same HO 5.0 as a Mustang GT and boy does it have POWER! The first time I pulled into the street with it I was having trouble taking off without spinning the rear tires I have been having too much fun driving my Hot Rod Lincoln it has been a while since I have driven a factory hot rod as a daily driver. The Lincoln will flat get with the program when you press on the gas. The nose goes up, you are pressed back in your seat and the instant fuel mileage gauge goes down to 3 mpg. FUN FUN! Buy yourself a Hot Rod Linkin and go have a blast until the authorities make you park it!

Just got a 1990 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor 5.8, the trunk is huge.

Bought a rust free Texas F100, a 86 Chev van, a 83 LTD S Crown Vic Highway Patrol cruiser, a 84 S10 blazer 2.8, a 89 GMC Jimmy 4.3 and a 88 Lincoln LSC.

I have just aquired a Pontiac Grand Am with V6 and alloy wheels, a 1983 ChevyVan, two 1987 Mustangs, a 1986 Stang and a 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calias Quad 4. I just got a Econoline with a manual 3-speed overdrive, Steve could not even believe that they put 4 on the floor in an econoline, he had to go look for himself.

Wow, do you believe it, I just got a C10 Suburban silverado with a good heavy hitch and trailer brake control, needs a steering column. And I also came into possesion of a caviler wagon and a Merc Lynx hatchback.

So far this week I have brought home a 4.1 liter LeSabre and a 5.7 Diesel Cadillac Eldorado Birraitz, Stainless Steel top, nice one.

Did a brake job on a Taurus and boy were they ever far gone. The pads had worn the rotor clear down to the cooling fins in the center. Replaced the rotors and pads.

Just got a Sable, needs CV joints. Have a great-running but rusty LUV. Getting an Omni with a new timing belt and head gasket and a Plymouth Acclaim with leaking brakes.
Well I fixed the Sable and it runs and drives great but now I have discovered that it has a broken motor mount that needs to be replaced. Now I am going after 2 IH Scouts, 2 Aerostars, a 1977 Pontiac LeMans, a Peugot, a Cordoba, an Impala, and a Renault Alliance.
Lemans update --- It has 60,000 actual miles, is a 2door, 305 cubic inch displacement, missing the radiator and the driveshaft.
Peugeot update --- Is a 4 cylinder 2304cc (2.3L) turbo-diesel that needs a water pump.

I just bought a 1972 F350 with a 17 foot steel equipment bed. A 390 FE block resides under the hood. The PTO powers a double hoist and a hydraulic winch. It looks like a roll back bed towtruck but the bed does not roll back. The cab is about shot but that is not a problem because I have some premo cabs that will bolt right on. Now I can haul cars instead of towing them, with a tow bar, or trailering them.

Well I put insurance on the F350 and man is it expensive, WOW!! I am now in the business of making the insurance company rich. If anybody knows of any inexpensive commercial trucking insurance I sure wish that they would tell me.

Now I got a 84 F250 Extended cab 6.9 Diesel with the Bates Turbo option. The Diesel is a basket case and is spread all over the box.

I just bought a 1973 F150 4X4.

I have pictures of some of my stuff I can email you if you request a picture


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